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Dmitry Medvedev Is Russia’s Jimmy Savile Guinea Pig

by | 11th, February 2009

“DEAR, Dmitry Medvedev, would you please fix it for me to have a pet guinea pig.”

So writes Nastya Ivliyeva, a teenage school girl from a remote village school in Kalitvensky, southern Russia.

The reply:

Now then, now then… And then a knock at the door. It’s the KGB.

Nastya should not contact Mr Medvedev again. Nastya is ordered to write a second email to the president withdrawing her request.

Anorak applauds the move. If any former Russian goons are looking for work – and London is doing brisk trade in shiny leather coats – call us. Forget the campaign to make all posters on websites use their real names; just harvest web addresses and seek the writer out in person. For a chat. A brief face-to-face chat.

We note with interest that John Prescott is blogging. Can a punch be thrown down a fibre optic cable? No, it cannot. Think on.

Back in Russia, we learn that Medvedez employs a PR manger and runs an account at the pet shop. Nastya’s mum emailed Medvedev complaining about the bullying by his government goons.

No, she was not taken from this place and shot; nor is she now harvesting salt; nor picking egg from her hair.

More officials arrive at the family’s front door with an apology and two guinea pigs for delighted Nastya.

Local youth committee chairman Sergei Chyuev opines:

“This shows a complete failure by the authorities to understand real people and their problems.”

Indeed, where are the carrots to accompany the guinea pigs, and the stuffing?

Meanwhile, other emails are dropping into the President’s inbox:

Dear Mr Medvedez, will you fix it for me to not have to harvest gas form cows to cooks by – The People of Bulgaria.

And so on…

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