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World’s First WAG Facebook divorce

by | 14th, February 2009

AFTER the world’s first Facebook divorce, news now of the world’s first WAG divorce: Michael Chopra has split with his wife of seven months after she dumped him on Facebook, says the Mail.

The story goes that Heather Swan let her husband know their marriage was over by changing her Facebook status to single.

It’s sounds cruel. And high time that Facebook updated its service to include a few new settings: “Bit unhappy”; “Can we talk”; “Staying for the kids”; We don’t talk”; and “GSOH seeks like-minded warm-ish body for extra-marital training sessions.’

Chopra, who plays for Sunderland, says via his Facebook page:

“Heather will have a new number tomorrow, ha ha.”

The new Golden Rule of Tabloid Journalism is that any story can be given added spice with a Facebook element.

But how vital was Facebook to this story? Did the social networking website break up another happy couple?

The story goes that on the morning after the Wag-tastic wedding, guests saw the newlyweds openly arguing with each other. The newlyweds continued to row on their honeymoon. They remained together for the Italian phase of the holiday, but Miss Swan spent the second week on her own in the Caribbean.

Still Facebook, eh – and that means Mail readers can react with their usual understanding:

…and yet again, we can sit back and watch how ‘heterosexuals’ make a complete and utter mockery of marriage by childishly dumping each other on some poxy website. Pathetic! – Anne Collins, Winchester,

She seems like a right coward to use Facebook to tell him. He will be much better off without her. – F. T. Maxwell, Wigan,

He can do better. Wags annoy me and I am sick of hearing about them. This whole Facebook rubbish is exactly why I refuse to join or be part of these “online communities” everyone is so desperate to be heard. I would rather write my words and opinions in an intellectual way like on articles etc than waste my time on social networking. – Lex, San Juan, PR USA

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