Anorak News | Finally, a plane you can have sex with

Finally, a plane you can have sex with

by | 16th, February 2009

THE Interweb is ablaze with photos from this year’s Swimsuit Issue of Sports Illustrated (it’s not sexist, it’s a tradition, m’kay).

The cover model in 2009 is Israeli model Bar Refaeli, who is fast becoming the new Gisele Bundchen. Bar is requisitely gorgeous and she goes out with Leonardo Di Caprio, which is a dream recipe likely to induce a heart attack in any tabloid editor or web hack.

Anyhoo, we digress a little. As part of Sports Illustrated’s promotion of its bikini fest (not that they need to promote it) Ms Refaeli has been flying around the States in a Boeing 737. But not just any Boeing 737. This one, which belongs to Southwest Airlines, is adorned with a huge photo of Refaeli looking all seductive in her swimsuit. It’s enough to put an air-traffic controller off.

If it’s wrong to want to have sex with a plane, then call us wrong.

PS. If you want to know why this story is in Anorak’s Sport section, that’s a question you should ask the good folk at Sports Illustrated…

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