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Manchester United Fan Caught In Liverpool Facebook Scam

by | 17th, February 2009

TO Scotland, where Stuart Slann has arrived at the home of his paramour, a sultry women with whom he has been conversing via text message and Facebook chats.

Mr Slann has made the nine-hour trip from his martial home in Sheffield to a remote farm in Scotland to meet the lovely lassie, the woman known to him as “Emma”.

“Emma” is running late. She has to finish work. Mr Slann waits for a further three hours. His phone rings.

Emma: “Do you recognise our voices Stuart? It’s them Scouse lads who threw you in the pool! Do you recognise our Scouse accents do you?”

Mr Slann: “Yes.”

Emma: “You’ve been framed.”


Emma: “How do you feel?”

Slann: “****.”

Emma: “You fell in love with me over the computer.”

Says Mr Slann:

“It was a cruel thing to do. I’ve been taken for a ride. They wound me up good and proper.”

Mr Slann met the men and talk turend to football. Mr Slann is fan of Manchester United, the two men Liverpool supporters. A series of heated exchanges ensued over the three-week holiday.

On one occasion the Liverpool fans threw Mr Slann into the pool, and he accidentally broke his ankle.

They then set about ridiculing him over Facebook.

Mr Slann adds:

“There’s no doubt that I’ve been done good and proper by the lads from Liverpool. It was cruel but I’ll hold my hands up and say they really wound me up.

“I’d been chatting to this girl on Facebook for about a month or so. I really thought she was genuine, and I had no reason to doubt it.

“On the night she asked me to Scotland I was on the road for about nine hours. And then when I got to this remote farm she sent me a text to say she was still in work.

“That’s what made it worse, not only had I driven for nine hours, but I had to wait for about another three and a half hours for her to finish work.

“Then when I got the call to say it was all a hoax I just felt awful.

“If they had asked to drive to Manchester, Leeds or even Liverpool it wouldn’t have been so bad and maybe I’d have seen the funny side.

“But to drag me all the way to Aberdeen was just cruel.

“When I met the lads on holiday I thought they were alright and we had a bit of banter over football and they threw me in the pool.”

Emma is single…

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