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Jade Goody: Che Jade, Her Little Princes And Wed And Buried

by | 18th, February 2009

JADE Goody’s Celebrity Cancer: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at the Mourn Porn of Jade’s Goody’s celebrity cancer.

Daily Express (front page): “Jade’s boys cheers their brave mum”

Jade Goody’s sons are off to see mum in hospital. Yes two boys to an assisted blonde mum. How long before the lads are called the “little princes”?

DAILY MAIL: Richard Kay:

As a pioneer of trash television, Jerry Springer is well-qualified to comment on the tawdry circus surrounding dying reality TV star Jade Goody. But the talk show host – about to appear in the West End in Chicago – denies shows such as his should be criticised.

‘If she [Jade] is introducing her life into the media for financial reasons, it’s a good motive. It’s her decision and if she said “no” at any point, that would be the end of it.’

He adds: ‘I’ve been accused of bringing about the end of Western civilisation. But my show has never – let’s get this straight – been an important show. It’s just a show.’

Daily Mirror (front page): “My Jade’s the bravest – by her bridesmaid”

Kate Jackson, 30, will be at Jade’s side as she weds boyfriend Jack Tweed on Sunday. She said:

“Five of Jade’s closest mates were called in a couple of days ago and Jade said, ‘I’m getting married and I want you to be the bridesmaids’. Then she started flinging out random orders about what we had to do for the preparations – although now everything keeps changing.”

Touching stuff:

“One day I was crying and Jade said: ‘Please don’t get upset,’ but then corrected herself and said, ‘Sorry, of course you should be upset if that’s how you feel’. But it has always been like that. She is endearing and you find it hard not to want to look after her. But she is so used to doing everything for herself she doesn’t like others looking after her.”

Says the paper:

Kate said Jade is gradually introducing her boys to the idea that she is very poorly. They visited her in hospital for the first time at the weekend.

Don’t they watch TV or read the papers or talk to classmates?

Daily Star (front page): Jade’s amazing new lease of life”

Jade’s wedding is giving her energy. Has she got time to marry and then renew the vows?

Sky News: “Jade Goody Sells Wedding Snaps For £700,000”

See Jade marry her golf enthusiasts lover Jack Tweed in OK! Magazine.

Philip Gould, OK’s Associate Editor, tells Sky News:

“There is a lot of interest in this wedding as you can imagine because Jade is such a popular person and I think people do want to be there on the day with us.”

Do we have to buy a present?

“So the best way that this can be achieved is by being in a magazine like OK.”

It’s a public service. Can’t the BBC pay?

The Sun: “This is my dream wedding”

It’s an “exclusive”.

BRIDE-to-be Jade Goody stood before a mirror after being helped to her feet in her wedding gown yesterday — and sobbed: “This is my dream, and this is my dream dress.”

More tears from brave Jade.

Goodwill messages have poured in from Sun readers. Jade said after some were read to her yesterday: “They give me such a lift. I want these kind people to know how much their support means to me.”

Come see the stricken star and show how much you care. The Sun cares. Its readers care. In your face, The Financial Times. Some people have no heart. (The Sun – buy it to show how much you care.)

Julie Birchill: “Why I pity the haters of my sweet, silly, brave Jade”

Hate? Does anyone sane hate Jade Goody, or is it the media’s treatment of her and her condition that is hateful?

WILL it finally stop when Jade Goody stops breathing, do you think?

When she’s pronounced dead? When we see her crying children placing flowers on their dead mother’s grave?

No. Sad as it seems, sad for the haters, even more than the hated — who will by then be in a place where they can no longer touch her — the rivers of loathing which pour down upon the broken body of this young, naive, defenceless young mother, born into massive poverty and underprivilege, with everything stacked against her, seem unlikely to end with her death.

Well, there is talk of a film…

She will be dead — but they will still be terminally sick.

They are “the pond-scum who attack a dying woman from behind the safety of an online pseudonym”.
Free speech?

Let’s look at what Jade Goody stands accused of, and at the morals and motives of those apparently stainless accusers.

Do we have to? Can’t we just allow Jade Goody to be ill in her own time and space? Do we have to analyse her?

Now there is a bigger gap between rich and poor than at any time in the past 100 years.

So the £700,000 is..?

Jack Tweed: “I can’t wait to marry Jade”

“Whenever you want to see me look up in the sky and I’ll be the biggest star up there.”

Daily Telegraph: “In dying, Jade is truly dignified – Jady Goody’s very public battle with cancer has proved the making of her”

What can you say about a 27-year-old woman who dies..? Liz Hunt says of “chav” Goody:

There are other forces, admirable ones, that drive Goody: an instinct for survival, and aspiration – that most middle-class of virtues – another. I was always slightly charmed by the fact that she trained as a dental nurse – not a typical career for the product of a drug-addict father and a “one-armed lesbian” mother from the back streets of south-east London. It hinted at something beyond the underclass stereotype depicted on BB.

Only nice gels become dental nurses…

Right TV:

An “outcry of support has flooded Jade as she prepared for the wedding. Elton John has offered Jade and Jack his £20 million mansion in Windsor. And Harrods owner, Mohammed Al Fayed, donated a £3,500 wedding dress.


Jonathan Ross, Simon Cowell and Dale Winton have also sent their well wishes”…


The Guardian: “This death in close-up offers more than crass reality telly”

Well, there’s a wedding… Libby Brooks hasn’t finished:

Beyond class snarkiness, Jade Goody’s story is a testing event in a society that has lost so much of its sense of ritual

Birth. Tax. Death. No, life is pretty much unchanged…

A few weeks ago, a friend told me about a status update she’d received via Facebook. Posted by the husband of a friend of hers, it gently informed his wife’s online network that she had succumbed to the cancer that had plagued her for the past year, and had died peacefully at home the previous afternoon.


This might, at first, seem a brutal, even crass, way to announce a death, a sign of our dislocated times or a consequence of a culture which dictates that nothing has meaning unless witnessed by at least 10 other people. In context, however, it was entirely appropriate. Lisa – a 39-year-old lecturer, writer and mother – had used her Facebook profile and her personal blog to keep her many friends informed about the progress of her illness.

If a diary it makes the patient feel better, why not..?

Jade Goody is “taking dying in public to its extreme”.

Is it really dignified to broadcast and market your cancer? Doesn’t this desperate clutch at publicity only prove how good we’ve become at creating victims? Do we really want to watch someone we don’t know losing their life?

Well, those who watch Living TV do. And OK! Readers do. So, yes…Watching Jade Goody die while you circle life’s plughole nullifies our own pain. Pity Jade and stop worrying about your own meaningless life…

She remains the most visible representative of the white underclass we have in popular culture.

No, she doesn’t. Jade Goody is not a representative of any under class, white or otherwise. Her public persona is as authentic as an EastEnders Asian.

Beyond the class snarkiness, Jade Goody’s story presents us with an unpalatable reminder that death happens, despite our will to make it otherwise.

So people die? Who knew? Thanks Jade! Meanwhile in other news, hundreds die in Afghanistan, a nutter murders a soldier in Iraq, a tidal wave in…

The Herald: “Howson finds a new celebrity muse in Jade Goody”

Scottish painter Peter Howson has found one of the most unlikely muses of his career – the celebrity and terminal cancer sufferer Jade Goody.

It’s not all about Jade…

He has produced a number of sketched portraits – in paint, crayon, charcoal, wax crayon and felt tip pen, and plans to translate them into full-scale oil paintings, which may be sold at a later date with proceeds directed to cancer charities.

Look out for the poster of Che Jade…

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