Anorak News | Australian Boy Eaten By Crocodile

Australian Boy Eaten By Crocodile

by | 18th, February 2009

JEREMY Doble had been playing with his seven-year-old brother Ryan and his dog behind their home in a mangrove swamp when he disappeared.

A 10ft female crocodile was hauled in for questioning. But her stomach was empty of boy. Then this.

What will happen to the croc is unknown. The examination was by non-lethal methods.

Can the crocodile be blamed for being a crocodile?

We remind the authorities that the beats is a member of a protected species. Better that she is introduced to therapy.

Says the croc, who for reason of anonymity we will call Shane:

“It all started with a severed finger a fond in the garden. After that I was hanging around ice-cream vans. Then one day, when I found myself by a school, and I knew I needed help…”

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