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This Bike Is Not A Pipe Bomb Sticker Closes Airport

by | 18th, February 2009

“THIS bike is a pipe bomb,” advertises the legend on the bicycle in the environs of Memphis airport.

Can it be that the two great bugbears of modern life – cyclists and terrorists – have united to form a dastardly group? Should motorists – you know – take out cyclists before it’s too late?

Says John Greaud, vice president of airport security:

“We established a perimeter around it and had a fire watch in case there was an explosion. We had one of our K9 dogs confirm it was not an explosive.”

Release the hounds.

But still Terminal C was cleared, the passenger drop-off area evacuated. Tension. Would the bike blow up and leave a mangled mess of former bike?

“That’s scary, that’s scary,” said Dora Rogers. “I really was afraid because my daughter was supposed to be here at six o’clock. They were starting to get out of their cars pulling their luggage trying to get to the airport and I was trying to find out what was going on,” she said.

“Safety of the traveling public is our first concern,” added Greaud.

Further investigation reveals “This Bike is a Pipe Bomb” to be the name of a Florida punk band. In 2006, Ohio University shut down when an officer found a bike unattended with the sticker on it.

Other bands likely to instil fear in one and all are:
The Christians
Heaven 17
The Cars
Tears For Fears

And anything by Simply Red…

Note: Anorak’s new sticker – ‘”his website is not a pipe bomb’ – is being made in secret…


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