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The Stop At Two Pledge: Green Shirts Wish Death On The Third Born

by | 18th, February 2009

TWO children is enough. The Optimum Population Trust says so. Two people is enough.

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The OPT has launched its stop at Two Pledge. The green shirts say two children is enough.

An area of land larger than Wales could be released for “re-greening” in the UK if couples limited their family size to no more than two children, according to a new study from the Optimum Population Trust.

It’s human cleansing.

Currently 26 per cent of women in the UK are expected to have more than two children. If they decided to “stop at two”, the effect would be to reduce long-term average family size from 1.84 to 1.42 children and to cut the UK’s forecast population in 2050 by an estimated seven million – almost the population size of London.

In combination with a policy of balanced or “zero net” migration, in which the numbers of immigrants matches the number of emigrants, this would reduce the projected population of 77 million people in 2050 by an estimated 21-23 million, shrinking it to 54-56 million – some 6 million fewer people than today and enough to take an area bigger than Wales out of development and return it to nature or food production.

What’s the obsession with Wales? We already have Wales, do we need two more?

The green shirts have done the maths. But what about growing old and refusing to die on time, continuing to breathe – to expel carbon dioxide- when a child is born?

Perhaps a simple test: anyone unable to til an acre of land in, say, seven hours with a hoe is made to kneel and the hoe recucled as Mother Nature’s pacifier.

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