Anorak News | Manchester City’s Robinho Imports Used Condoms

Manchester City’s Robinho Imports Used Condoms

by | 19th, February 2009

ROBINHO, Manchester City’s tame Brazilian, is taking delivery of a job lot of sand.

The Sun says the sand is to feature in the grounds of Robinho’s Cheshire mansion.

Says a “pal”:

“The Brazilian lads thought it would be good to bring a bit of Copacabana feel to his place.”

Of course, Rio’s famed beach is more than just a big sand pit.

For real authenticity, Robinho should litter the sands with spend condoms, syringes and local toughs asking tourists for the time and then mugging them.

It’s all a hideous cliche. The lads – and one of City’s Brazilians, Glauber Berti – was born way inland – should feel an overarching need to feel sand in their toes.

It’s like the expats who move to the States and replace their morning cup of Fanta with a cup of tea and crave HP sauce where before they ate only white egg omlettes, burgers and tacos…

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