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Baby P: Will Gordon Brown Dare Defy The Sun?

by | 19th, February 2009

BABY P is dead. And the Sun breathes life into the story by focusing once more on the social workers who it wants sacked.

Maria Ward, Gillie Christou and Sylvia Henry are in work. Cecilia Hitchen and Clive Preece remain suspended only. The Sun is aghast that they are on full pay.

It is amazed that Gordon Brown has not sacked the five.

The Sun says Baby P “was battered to death in his blood-stained cot”. True enough the child was tortured and suffered appalling abuse. But was he beaten to death in his cot? Was it murder?

Both men, the mother’s boyfriend and the lodger, Jason Owen, were found not guilty of the child’s murder or manslaughter at the Old Bailey.

They were convicted of the specific charge of “causing or allowing the death of a child or vulnerable person”, under section five of the Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Act 2004.

So Baby P was not battered to death in his cot. The men are sadists, the mother a conniving slob. Why the Sun should seek to speculate on such a sick crime – when the facts are more than enough for any sane person – is odd.

Is the story being cranked up a little to trigger a reaction, to make the pleasing Government comply with the paper’s vested interest. Does Gordon Brown dare defy the Sun?

Yesterday, Gordon Brown spoke of Jade Goody in the House. Today the Sun wants the Prime Minister to step in and sack social workers.

The Sun goes on to tell of a Haringey council worker bemoaning the massive overload of work, “HUGE staff shortages” and the reliance on agency staff who do not care for the children.

And the Sun wants to give social workers now experienced in the very pit of human depravity the sack?

Are these five not the very people who should be kept on to tell other how the warning sings can be missed?

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