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The Top Ten Funniest Sounds: And Funny Flatulence

by | 19th, February 2009

WHAT kind of farting makes you laugh. Answer: your own.

What else make you laugh? Answer: someone else experiencing unexpected pain.

Trevor Cox, an acoustics professor at Salford University, in is conducting a whoopee cushion experiment to discover which sounds make us laugh the most.

Visitors to Mr Cox’s website are treated to six noises which they are then asked to grade depending on how much they make them laugh.

Prof Cox, who once owned the largest whoopee cushion in the world says:

“The whoopee cushion has much in common with the human voice and how wind instruments work, so it is a memorable way of portraying some important science…

“For too long, acoustic engineers have concentrate on issues such as neighbour noise and concert hall acoustics, it is about time we got to the bottom of some more important fundamental issues…

“The idea is to get people thinking about sounds. My theory – although it is unproven at this stage – is that people will laugh the most at something unexpected. Like with jokes – it is more funny if people don’t expect the punchline. So the most unexpected noises will probably get the most votes.”

Anorak has done its own research and found the Top Ten Funny Sounds:

Aaaaahhh! Someone else falling into a hole

Thwack! Someone else tripping on a pavement slap

Phtumph! Someone else walking into a lamp post

Whirrrrp! Someone else having their trousers pulled own as their picture is taken

Fzzzzzz! Anthea Turner’s hair catching fire

Stikoopink! Some else getting caught on the horns of mechanical bucking bull

Tckatckatacka! Someone else falling down the stairs in flip-flops

Tingerlingerlinger: The opening credits to Curb Your Enthusiasm

Cata-ta-ta-ta: Cato Fong testing Clouseau’s reflexes

Blubb: A fan of a rival football team crying

To take part in Prof Cox’s experiment go to

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