Anorak News | Russian footballer slams British food

Russian footballer slams British food

by | 19th, February 2009

SPURS striker Roman Pavlyuchenko has moaned about the standard of British cuisine. Coming from a Russian, that’s a bit rich.

Pav said: “I don’t like English dishes. At the Spurs training ground, the food is modest. All they have there is a simple canteen. At the Spartak training camp, near Moscow, the choice and quality is better.”

Luckily for Roman, his wife is now on hand to save the day (the below quote works best if said in a Borat-style eastern European accent):

“Since my wife Larisa joined me in London it’s not a problem for me any more. She is a good cook and now I eat at home. I’m back to my favourite borsch and vareniki — dumplings stuffed with cottage cheese — and from this point of view I now feel as if I never moved countries.”

Dumplings stuffed with cottage cheese? No wonder Pav plays like he’s wearing lead boots.

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