Anorak News | Lily Allen’s New Shh Rihanna Tattoo And Mobile Library

Lily Allen’s New Shh Rihanna Tattoo And Mobile Library

by | 20th, February 2009

LILY Allen has a tattoo on her finger. She is now a walking text message.

Allen’s self-labelling is good for her image, and her marketing. And is a hobby that should be encouraged by Gordon Brown, who can excuse his Government’s quotidian comment on a celebrity by saying how the sight of a young woman encouraging reading is both a fine and a noble thing.

If she could get the Lord’s Prayer tattooed on her face, the world would be a much nicer place and Soho would have its first mobile library.

After all, Mary did have a Chinese character for “Peas” (sic) on her left shoulder and a leaping dragon on her right breast.

Allen, one praised for her lyrical dexterity, may finder herself entered into the Orange Prize shortlist, head first.

One problem, though, is that Allen’s latest tattoo is very similar to that which adorns the fingers of Beyoncé and Rihanna, both popstars.

Rihanna has the Allen “Shhhh…..” along her index finger, while Beyonce has the date of her wedding on her ring finger. She also has the date of her first nappy on her thumb finger, her first car ride on her middle finger and her first cup of tea on her pinkie finger.

As for the tattoo, writing “Shhh” on your fingers-on-lips index finger may take off in kindergartens, freeing harassed nursery workers from the bother shushing.

Footballers goading fans of opposing sides could get them, so too sarcastic coppers addressing a crowd of happy drunks or a motorist standing in the rain…

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