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Jade Goody Celebrity Cancer: Wedding Bans, Jack’s Shoes And Rolling Eyes

by | 23rd, February 2009

JADE Goody: Wedding bans, Jack Tweed’s shoe-in and a miracle…

Daily Express (front page): “Jade Marries – It was the happiest and saddest day of my life”

Pages 8 and 9: “Jade the bravest of brides”


“Jade Goody laughed away the pain” as she married Jack.

“Let’s pray for a miracle,” says Jade.

Pages 4 and 5: JADE’S PERFECT DAY.

“Brave Jade Goody” marries Jack, who “wears a tag under his Armani suit”. No, not a price tag – he’s no shoplifter. Tsk!


The Sun (front page): “Find another when I’m gone.”

No, not the media to find another Jade – Jack to find another lover.

It’s an “EXCLUSIVE”. (See Express, Star and Mirror.)

“So loud, but such a sweet girl really.”

So says GIGI ELIGOLOFF “The TV producer who discovered Jade”. The woman who saw in Jade the chance to take the piss out of a thick as custard south Londoner. What of the memories, Gigi?

As a senior producer on Big Brother, I had first seen Jade wildly gesticulating in the centre of a group.

She was loud, irritating, impossible to ignore and — although she didn’t know it — had already been rejected as a possible contestant.

Some twist of fate made me interfere.

Ratings? A bad head cold in the prissy gay one?

I figured that if every person in that room was having a reaction to Jade, then the viewers might too. So I overruled the junior producers and in that moment the course of Jade’s life, I suppose, was changed.

Thank heavens for Gigi…

But the more we got to know her the more we saw the warm, sweet, desperate-to-please young woman who brought out the protective parent within us.

Shilpa Poppadom can only agree…

Daily Mail (front page): “Goody, we’re Mr and Mrs Tweed”

Pages 4 and 5: “And the groom wore a prison tag.”

And the Mail wasn’t invited.

Daily Mirror (front page): “A PERFECT DAY”

“Tears laughter and applause for Britain’s bravest bride.”

Pages 4 and 5: “MUMMY’S A PRINCESS”

It’s the lads Bobby and Freddy Windsor.

To the do.

They then received a standing ovation on emerging from a side room, where they had signed the register with her sons on their laps. The newlyweds then released white doves in the grounds and posed for photographs before Jade rested briefly before dinner. At around 3pm dinner was served. Guests ate beef with a Bearnaise sauce or lobster tagliatelle followed by sticky toffee pudding or a chocolate and pear fondant. The food was served by singing waiters.


A further 100 guests arrived for the evening celebrations, which moved to a white marquee. They included TV’s Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan, Crime watch’s Nick Ross, Fulham footballer Simon Davies and ex-Blue star Anthony Costa.

At about 8pm the Sugarbabes arrived to entertain guests. Late last night a firework display lit up the sky above the Essex hotel as a buffet of traditional cockney delights such as jellied eels, whelks and mussels was served.

Eat yer heart out, OK!. There’s yer scoop!


Indeed. See headline news.

Polly Hudson: “Fairytale episode at last for a fighter”

After years and years of debate, yesterday Jade Goody definitively showed us all exactly what she’s made of.

Despite the agony that she’s currently in – both physically and emotionally – she put together an elegant, beautiful wedding, all by herself, via a laptop from her hospital bed.

And the wedding planner, the magazine, the groom and the – did we mention the magazine?

Six months ago I thought Jack was nothing more than a violent criminal.

And now?

Now I’m moved by how supportive he’s being, how he seems to be dealing with everything, the obvious love in his eyes when he looks at Jade and her sons. I know he committed a crime and he has to pay, but it’s quite distressing to think that he will probably never spend a night with his wife ever again.

Distressing stuff.

The Guardian: Hadley Freeman:

Hence, fur. Ultimately, as is the case with most fashion statements, it’s about showing onlookers most emphatically what demographic or, more specifically, what class one belongs to, and in Italy this is apparently accomplished by dressing like Harry and the Hendersons.

This discussion of class brings us quite effortlessly to the subject of Jade Goody. Apologies, readers, we’re going off piste here for a moment but we’ll soon return to our scheduled programme.

Swindon Advertiser: “Is Jade right to protect her children through media deals?”

The media. Tsk!

Tabloid Telegraph: “Jade Goody tells new husband Jack Tweed to find another love when she dies “

Do you, take this women..?

Jade Goody, the reality television star diagnosed with terminal cancer, has told her new husband Jack Tweed to find another love after she dies.

She has reportedly told 21-year-old model Tweed: “Find another when I’m gone.”

Model? Model what?

Tabloid Telegraph: “Jade Goody wedding: Jack Tweed leaves label on shoes”


Tabloid Telegraph: “Jade Goody. I am aware that just the mention of her name will have some readers rolling their eyes and turning the page.”

To the next page and its story on Jade Goody… Right, Max Pemberton?

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