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Jade Goody A Reader Apology: Exclusive To All Newspapers

by | 1st, March 2009

OLD MR ANORAK is just returned from JADE – Journalists Against Dangerous Essumptions [sic] – and would now like to present a joint statement on the matter of Jade Goody.

Over the past years, readers may have fallen into the trap of perceiving Jade Goody as a bigoted, thick, in-bred, lumpish mentally negligible, sub-human porcine peasant.

It is sad that in this day and age so many readers should approach our word with their minds already set against brave Jade.

A moral dyslexia takes over their minds, leading to headlines such as “You Go, Jade” and “Jade is Our Britannia” being read as “Your Fat Bitch” and “We All Hate You, You Racist ****! Why Don’t You **** *** And Die”.

Now that Jade Goody is desperately ill, we only hope that readers begin to see that Jade is not only brave, courageous and the epitome of the Blitz Spirit but a role model.

It is not to late to repent, which is why for the next however many days or weeks or – let us hope – months (Arab –Israeli wars and/or Obama baby, notwithstanding) Jade continues to teach you the error of your ways from our front page.

We invite all readers to join our campaign to end reader bias by signing our campaign:

Though people might say Jade Goody is a fat, racist bully, I do not! And I never will (again)…

Image: Jade Inspires Olympic Bid, cover

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