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Jade Goody: A Healer, Sienna Miller, Gail Trimble And A Dumb Legacy

by | 24th, February 2009

JADE Goody: A Healer, Sienna Miller, Gail Trimble And A Dumb Legacy.

The Sun (front page): “JADE SAYS GOODBYE”

“Jade Goody sheds a tear yesterday as she weakly waves goodbye to pals for what could be the last time.”

Jade is looking into the snapper’s lens. We are now all Jade’s pals.

Daily Mirror (front page): “TEARS OF THE BRIDE”

This is an “exclusive”.

The exclusive news is that “dream day exhausts Jade”.

Sue Carroll: Why we all need a Goody Friend:

Someone rich and ill?

If ever there was a picture worth a thousand words it must be the snap taken outside Jade Goody’s Essex home on the eve of her marriage to Jack Tweed showing a joyful bride-to-be and four of her bridesmaids.

Right – 900-odd words to go, Sue.

Dressed in tracksuits identical to Jade’s, the girls – Caroline, Charlene, Jennifer and Kelly – had covered up their hair in comedy caps… a touching act of solidarity to match their friend’s head, now bald after months of aggressive chemotherapy.

Whether it was a stunt to keep photographers happy or a ruse to make Jade smile is irrelevant. It was a simple, extraordinarily moving gesture which spoke volumes about the compassion of loyal girlfriends.

See it here.

Recently actress Sienna Miller bleated about an absence of the sisterhood. I doubt very much whether Jade would concur.

Is Sienna Miller ill? We always liked her. Always. When everyone else said she was a husband stealing slapper we stood by and cheered her and loved her and….

Most women don’t need to be taught the importance of looking out for one another. It’s in our DNA, this vital camaraderie which needs no right-on label.

Says sister Sue elsewhere:

Simon Cowell says he wants to have his body cryogenically frozen when he dies. Unlike fellow X Factor judge Dannii Minogue, who is apparently cryogenically frozen while still alive.


And when the time comes, these same girls will be the aunties to help put the fragmented lives of Jade’s sons back together again and watch over them, not just for now but for all of their lives. Freddy and Bobby may one day consider them their mother’s finest legacy.

Daily Mirror: “Saved by the Jade effect”

But Jade’s legacy will be the surge in the number of tests – and the peace of mind they afford thousands of women.


Jade Goody wedding exclusive: Cancer stricken star danced away her pain

Her proud grandad John Craddock told friends: “You should have seen her dancing with all those dolly birds. She was jumping up and down dancing like a jive bunny. It was brilliant. She had a wild time.”

The groom:

He was seen wheeling the delighted lads up and down the hotel corridors at 2.30am in her wheelchair.

The boys, whose faces had been painted by a children’s entertainer earlier in the evening, squealed with delight as 21-year-old Jack sped them around.

Daily Star (front page): “JADE: MY AMAZING NEW HOPE FOR LIFE”

Can she survive?

“Bride reveals her secret healer”.

Mystic Max Clifford?

NEWLYWED Jade Goody is having sessions with a spiritual healer in the hope her prayers for a miracle are answered… And we can reveal positive signs are already emerging.


Jade revealed yesterday, just 24 hours after marrying Jack Tweed, that her con-dition took an immediate positive turn after the first session with a mystery New Age “healing hands” spiritualist.

Says Jade:

“I really believe his treatment helped me. He placed his hands all over me, it was relaxing.

“As soon as he left, I went to the toilet for the first time since my op. And I can continue with my treatment now we know my bowel is working.”

Daily Mail (front page): “As Jade makes a fortune and the University Challenge winner is vilified for being bright…WHY IS IT CLEVER TO BE DUMB?”

Dunno. No idea. What’s dumb?

The nation is now captivated by the impending death of a young woman famous only for being famous, and her wedding to a violent ex-con.

It’s front-page news.

Meanwhile, today’s Fred Housego – Gail Trimble, the girl with the planet-sized brain who scored 825 of the 1,235 points amassed by Corpus Christi, Oxford, on the road to last night’s final of University Challenge, which they won – has become the new public pariah.

You mean the girl who was just on the BBC Breakfast show being lauded? Her?

‘Smug’, ‘brain-rupturingly irritating’, ‘vicious bitch’, ‘a horse-toothed snob’. . . With every insult there emerges a new member of the growing ranks of a nasty, insecure tribe who need to be comforted in their own dumbness, rather than impressed by another’s brilliance.

Yeah, the Mail would never attack women.

Jade Goody’s story is undeniably a tragic and gripping one; but how extraordinarily inverted our values have become when she is treated like some modern-day Joan of Arc staring death in the face, while another young woman has bile poured upon her for the wicked sin of intelligence.


I have nothing against Jade Goody: it would be odd to feel anything other than sympathy for any mother dying so young. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that she has achieved little of lasting merit in her short life.

Odd, then. Enough about Jade.

Daily Mail: “’Now I’m ready to go to heaven’: Tearful Jade Goody returns home alone without Jack after ‘happiest day’ of her life”

She had gathered all her strength to walk down the aisle for her fairytale wedding.

But as cancer-riddled Jade Goody returned home last night she could no longer hide her agony.

Fighting back tears, the mother-of-two had to be helped into her Essex house by her new husband Jack Tweed and her assistants.

Says one Mail readers:

I still feel that this whole wedding ceremony is a giant farce and a waste of money which would be better off left in the bank to accumulate for her sons, otherwise what else have they got? No mother a father who hardly see’s them and step father with a tag around his ankle!

– Colette, Bowmanville Ontario Canada.

How everyone loves Jade.

Glasgow Daily Record: “Time Jade Was Left To Her Boys”

FIRST things first. Anyone battling cancer, at the advanced or early stages, deserves all our sympathy and prayers and Jade Goody is no different.

But there is something else to say.


The emotional hysteria in some quarters, cameras following her (Sky News even hired a helicopter for her wedding), Gordon Brown getting involved, celebrities hitching themselves on any passing bandwagon…it does no one any favours.

Doesn’t it? It makes Gordon and the other celebs look caring.

The death of Diana and the subsequent nuttiness throughout Britain 12 years ago should have been opportunity for reflection.

Diana. Jade. Compare and contrast.

But the past week has shown Britain has learned nothing from that.

This situation is not Jade Goody’s fault.

So whose?

Nor, for once, is it the Prime Minister’s.

Yeah, for once…

Now, all those same magazines and TV stations are watching this young girl’s every move until the sad end to the story, reporting on the phenomenon of why this is a media circus.

They could always answer that question for us … by leaving her alone and going home.

So says John Mckie in the, er, national press.

Jade Goody – News you can use…

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