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Jens Lehmann, still madder than Mad Jack McMad

by | 24th, February 2009

THE most unpredictable footballer on the planet, Jens Lehmann, is making headlines again.

This time he’s in trouble for throwing away an opponent’s boot during a German league match.

Towards the end of a 3-3 draw between Stuttgart and Hoffenheim on Saturday, Hoffenheim striker Sejad Salihovic’s right boot came off just outside the Stuttgart penalty area.

Crazy Jens quickly rushed out of his area, picked up the stray boot and casually threw it over his head, where it landed on top of his net.

Salihovic had to leave the field of play and go round the back of Lehmann’s goal to recover his boot.

Hoffenheim coach Ralf Rangnick called Lehmann’s behaviour “unsporting”, but Jens was unrepentant:

“Rangnick’s comments surprise me a lot,” he told Bild newspaper. “It is sad that he again seems not to know the rules and refers to me as unsporting. Normally the referee would have stopped the game and had to send the player from the pitch so he could put his boot back on.”

This incident happened days after Jens ripped off the headband of his own player and threw it off the pitch.

Love your work, Jens.

Watch both incidents:


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