Anorak News | Media Scare Stories: Sinus Cancer, Preteen Sex Songs And Death By Facebook, Bebo And Twitter

Media Scare Stories: Sinus Cancer, Preteen Sex Songs And Death By Facebook, Bebo And Twitter

by | 24th, February 2009

MEDIA Scare stories: sinus cancer, Facebook, Bebo and Twitter death and preteen sex songs.

  • * Britain faces summer of rage – police -Middle-class anger at economic crisis could erupt into violence on streets – Guardian

Police excited at idea of kicking sh*t out of Guardian readers.

* Disabled presenter is scaring children, parents tell BBC – Daily Mail

Cerrie Burnell has one arm. If you don’t eat your greens, well, things can happen…

* Jetting 25,000 miles in just six weeks… is Victoria’s health in for a bumpy ride” – Daily Mail

Victoria Beckham is killed by travel.

* The X-TRA LIFE FACTOR – Simon Cowell wants this body frozen when he dies so he can be brought back to life in the future. Fantasy – or a chilling possibility”- Daily Mail

Depends if he dies when he’s incontinent…

* “Rising tide of obesity to ‘double the cancer death toll” – Daily Mail

* “SOCIAL WEBSITES ‘HARM A CHILD’S BRAIN – Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Bebo are said to shorten attention spans, encourage instant grattifica… grattifi….” Whatever… – Daily Mail

* “Criminals applying for jobs in school” – Daily Mail

Well, if you can’t beat the little rogues, join them.

* “Damaged nerves, chronic pain, sky-high bill – how a perfect smile can cause lifelong misery – The horrible truth about teeth veneers” – Daily Mail

* “Should GPS be handing out abortion pills that made this woman bleed to death?”

Yes. No. Depends.

Hormone jabs saved my life – and then ruined it” – Daily Mail

* “Cancer they missed 20 times – Sue went to her GP in agony for over a year but was told she just had a sinus bug. In fact, it was ovarian cancer. Her horrifying story shows how bad doctors are at spotting the killer” – Daily Mail

* Sexual song lyrics linked to early sex – PITTSBURGH, Feb. 24 (UPI) — Teens who prefer popular songs with degrading sexual references are more likely to engage in intercourse or in pre-coital activities, U.S. researchers say – UPI

Mind the crap…

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