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One More Reason To Miss Boyzone: Eoghan Quigg

by | 24th, February 2009

REMEMBER that audition for Boyzone when you were frisked at the door for musical talent and rhythm and then invited to try out for the biggest thing to come out of Ireland since Michael Flatley’s cobblers?

Now Boyzone are reformed as an older version of the old Boyzone, and on a tour of all the Irelands. And to make them look good, they’ve selected X Factor finalist Eoghan Quigg to sing them in.

Eoghan (pronounced Eeeeeh-oooooh-aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnn) will be doing his rendering of Orville being shaved by a meat grinder at Boyzone’s Dublin shows on May 26 and 27.

Still, Eoghan is not Danni Minogue, and thus can be both liked and loved.

Cue the music…


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