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Paul Gascoigne On Sheryl The Vulture Boomerang Rash And Self Respect

by | 25th, February 2009

PAUL Gascoigne, Gascoigne, was fatter than you can me, he played in Italy, now he is very skinny, Paul Gascoigne, Gascoigne.

Now Gazza is talking with the Sun about his feelings for Sheryl, the woman he once married and once divorced.

“She’s like a vulture who swoops down to pick me clean. I don’t hate her, I pity her. I know now that I have to stay sober and strong now to stop her.

She is like a rash that I can’t get rid of — a boomerang that keeps coming back to smack me in the face. When I met her I was just a naive Geordie lad but I’m strong now and I won’t let that woman destroy me.”

It’s the Sun exclusive, following other Sun exclusives, such as:

* An insider said: “With Sheryl’s support he’s improving.”

* Sheryl is kiss of life for Gazza

* Sheryl right to film Gazza kids’ torment

Says Gazza:

“I was doing well after seven weeks in The Priory when Sheryl suddenly decided to visit me out of the blue. It was a shock because I’d heard nothing from her for 5½ years.

I hadn’t been in the public eye for weeks but the moment Sheryl arrived, wham, I’m all over the papers again. I was in good form and glad to see Sheryl and the kids at first.

Then I was photographed leaving The Priory with her, walking the dog with her and on visits to Kew Gardens.

Everywhere I went, photographers were waiting.

But I didn’t listen because that daft old thought started coming back — with me thinking there might be a chance of me and her getting back together and making it work.”

And not only you, but the Sun , too. As James Clench told readers:

PAUL Gascoigne is getting on so well with ex-wife Sheryl they may remarry, it emerged yesterday.

Gazza again:

I went back to see the psychiatrist with Bianca and Mason and they admitted there had been problems. Eventually, he told them to leave the room and I just sat there and cried my eyes out.

He said, ‘What’s wrong with you Paul? Seven weeks here and you were doing great and then a few days back with Sheryl and you’re a wreck.

You’ve got to get out of there. You’ve got to get away from her’.

But what about the marriage? Read all about what was, might have been and couold have been in Sheryl’s account of their lives together, Loving Gazza.

Says Gazza, by way of a preface:

“The title’s a joke. I feel she’s never loved me and has been working on this book since the day we met.

“After just one week together I remember finding nine pages of notes all about me in one of her drawers. When I asked what she was doing she admitted, ‘It’s about us in case we ever split up. It’s so I can write about it’.”


“I got my self respect back and I won’t let her hurt me again.”

Or as the caring Sun puts it:




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