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The 10 Most Bizarre Names In The World: To Helen Back With Jo King

by | 26th, February 2009

DICKENS was right – people do get the name that describes them best. Old Mr Anorak’s old war valet Helmut Hertz joins us in looking at the most bizarrer – most Dickensian – names bestowed on babies in recent times.

Charlotte Rampling “It sounds like something she does.”

Names can also reflect the times, and while it is unlikely there will be flurry of Gordons any decade soon, Barack is sure to figure on birth cerficates. And then there are the likes of The Beckhams, who give their children theme names.

How such a loved-up, made-fer-each-other couple managed to recall that the Brooklyn Bridge loomed over Day-vid’s shoulder at the moment of conception casts doubt on the five times-a-might legend. Anyone who can recall the moment of conception either isn’t having all that much sex (with their or partner) or keeps a publicist on hand to make notes, take temperatures and check the sheets.

But we digress. To the onomastics:


* Barb Dwyer
* Pearl Button
* Ray Gunn
* Helen Back
* Stan Still
* Jo King
* Lee King
* Terry Bull
* Mary Christmas
* Max Power
* Paige Turner
* Sonny Day
* Tim Burr
* Teresa Green
* Will Power
* Anna Sasin
* Chris Cross
* Doug Hole
* Justin Case
* Barry Cade


* Anna Prentice
* Annette Curtain
* Bill Board
* Carrie Oakey
* Dr Leslie Doctor
* Dr Thoulton Surgeon
* Dr Payne
* Les Plack
* Priti Manek
* Dr Sumey

Yours, Ivor Penn

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