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Jade Goody: Ivan Cameron, Tabloid Bingo And Sick Jokes

by | 26th, February 2009

JADE GOODY Cancer Watch: Jade Goody has been dislodged from the front pages by David Cameron’s loss of his son Ivan Cameron. But she continues to make news…

Glasgow Daily Record: “Dignified ending shows media-made Jade in new light”

On paper, it’s hellishly tasteless. In reality, it’s far more complex. Jade’s terminal condition does not change the fact she is an ignoramus.

But her frank appraisal of her hopeless lot and her determination to make things as normal as possible for her two sons showed her to be capable of an emotional intelligence many thought beyond her.

Daily Telegraph: “Jade Goody’s husband, Jack Tweed, asks for tag to be removed

Belfast Telegraph: “An idea whose time has come”

Jack Tweed, who married terminally ill Jade Goody on Sunday, had to get special permission to spend the night with his new wife.

A curfew was imposed on him when he was released from prison after serving time for his part in an attack on a teenage boy. The authorities keep track of Tweed through electronic tagging which enables them to see if he is obeying the terms of his curfew. It is the same sort of technology which will be used to keep tabs on prisoners in Northern Ireland from April this year.

The tags will be used to monitor the movements of convicted or bailed criminals during curfew hours if the authorities feel there is any chance of them re-offending. The measure is being introduced as part of a major overhaul of sentencing policies which resulted from this newspaper’s Justice for Attracta campaign. Pensioner Attracta Harron was killed by convicted sex offender Trevor Hamilton who was supposed to be one of the most closely monitored offenders in the province.

The Sun: “Fury over sick Jade gag DJ”


A BBC DJ caused outrage when he made a sick gag about dying Jade Goody at a comedy awards night.

Comedians laughing at Jade Goody?! Graham Norton will not be pleased – they’re nicking his material. Go on:

Radio 6 presenter Jon Holmes, 35, got up to present a gong — and said: “OK, I’m not dragging this out. I’m just going to get on with it. I’m not Jade Goody.”

And the joke..?

Stunned audience members fell silent. One said: “I was appalled. Everyone was having a good time until then. The poor girl’s got cancer. She doesn’t deserve abuse from some idiotic DJ.”

Steve Bennett — editor of Chortle website, which staged the awards in Holborn, central London — said: “Out of context that sounds horrible. “It was not said on TV, it was among comedians.”

What’s said among comedians, stays among comedians…

Glasgow Daily Record: “Frank: I’ll Die Laughing”

Exclusive Comedy Veteran Won’t Let Recent Near-Death Experiences Prevent Him Entertaining Fans Just A Week After Being Given The Last Rites, Carson Is Cracking Gags

Now, he admits being reduced to tears by the plight of reality TV star Jade Goody.

Jade is now an online marketing tool for a comedy gig.

Daily Telegraph: Damien Thomson – “‘Cranmer’ on Jade Goody: the creepiest blog post of the year”

But the way he puts it is … well, not for the first time, I find myself asking: what is wrong with this man?

[Jade’s] life was just that of another quasi-celebrity – a two-dimensional virtual existence with no higher purpose other than to copulate and consume … The inexorable course of her petty and pointless existence was set.

But cervical cancer changed all that. Now, as she awakes each new morning, she is increasingly riddled with malignant tumours which have spread to her groin, bowel and liver. As she sleeps at night, the cancer ravages her body as it courses through her arteries and veins. She has exchanged champagne for morphine, and in a few short weeks she shall be dead, and returned to the earth in ashes and dust whence she came.

It makes you wonder: who is sicker here, Jade or “Cranmer”?

Daily Mirror: “Jade Goody has already given her sons the best start,” says Coleen Nolan

If I knew I was dying I would leave messages, photographs and lots of videos so my three kids could still hear my voice and see my mannerisms.

I’d leave messages telling them I was looking over them, whatever happens, just as Jade will be with her boys.

And then I’d leave a precise list of instructions to whoever was bringing the kids up about how they should be raised.

I’d want to make sure they were brought up to be caring and know there would never be any family fall-outs over who looked after them.

The Herald: “Deathly hush resonates across the political divide”

Anne Johnstone’s Tabloid Bingo!

It’s hard to imagine that Prime Minister’s Questions will ever be quite the same again. Yesterday something completely unprecedented put paid to this unedifying weekly Punch and Judy show, introduced in 1961 by Harold Macmillan: the death of David Cameron’s six-year-old son Ivan unmasked PMQs for the childish knockabout it really is.


The Jade Goody story is another case in point. In western society, where the average 18-year-old has witnessed 16,000 murders on TV without seeing a single real dead body, and where modern medicine seems to offer the almost infinite postponement of mortality, we need such cues. And while, in other cultures, people embrace their dead in loud shows of emotion, we lock up our feelings and hide away corpses in coffins. How many of us joined the extraordinary national catharsis following the death of Princess Diana, yet find it hard to cry at family funerals?

The Guardian, Mark Lawson: “TV matters”

One of the cliches of TV news – an easy image of urgency or power – is cars speeding past the camera: the black slick of limousines in a leader’s motorcade, the stream of BMWs and SUVs delivering celebrities to Jade Goody and Jack Tweed’s wedding. But, increasingly, the image is corrupted by the blurring of the number plates. Indeed, any news report that features a young child’s face or a well-known person driving ceases to be entirely documentary realism.

Watching arrivals and departures at parties and party conferences, I’ve become fixated by the need for pixelated plates.


Jade Goody – How is she affecting your view?

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