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Traffic Warden Tickets Dead Body Seven Times

by | 27th, February 2009

THE ticket warden in Gainesville, Florida, approaches. Legs outstretched. Knees locked. Boots on pavement.

He seesThe owner will be sorry. Ha. The owner will be very sorry. The owner is dead in the back seat.

In defence, the windows were tinted. And the corpse, a John Waldo, 42, was in the back. the 2001 BMW 330i. He issues a ticket. He returns again. Again. Again. In all he issues even tickets.

Police detective Bennie Smith said Waldo was seated face-forward on the passenger side of the back seat, was fully clothed and had the car’s ignition key in his possession when he was found.

Good detective work, detective. Sure, it’s not an inflatable?

Bob Woods, spokesman for the city of Gainesville, said that the city’s ticket officers are not trained police officers but work out of the city’s public works department.

As such, they look at the car and not the owner. The owner is another department, namely, the police department. Should the warden have smelt a smell – on their own time – then that would have been the business of the sanitation department.

So long as everything has its department, then the world is a better place for it…

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