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Ivan Cameron: A Good Day To Bury Jade Goody And Every Parent’s Worst Nightmare

by | 28th, February 2009

IVAN Cameron has died. And the media searches for a story beyond the bald fact. And thanks to Gordon Brown’s suspension of PMQs, it has one.

Daily Telegraph: “One child’s death, however sad, should not close the Commons –
Charles Moore finds himself uneasy about the official response to the death of Ivan Cameron”

And to we have the story… Pass the yellow ribbons.

At Gordon Brown’s request, the House adjourned out of respect for Mr Cameron, suspending Prime Minister’s Questions. No one in Westminster wanted to question this out loud, but, in private, many were unhappy about it. I think they were right to be.

Anything to dodge a question, eh Gordon, say the cynics.

There are roughly 650 MPs. By a grim law of averages, I would guess that this means that, perhaps every two years, one of them loses a child. Why does the House not adjourn then?

Voodoo economics. Hoodoo economics.

And why, when you think about it, does the House not adjourn for other sad child deaths, or other unusual deaths? Will it mark the passing of Jade Goody?

Well, give the chance, and the economic climate, Mr Brown would like to suggest that…

It’s a good day to bury Jade Goody.

Daily Mirror, Tony Parsons: Human tragedy that’s beyond cruel politics

The parent who has to bury a child is forced to endure the unendurable.

As they returned to their home after the death of their six-year-old son Ivan, the faces of Samantha and David Cameron said it all. No words were needed.

Come on, Tony, there’s a whole column to fill.

If you are a parent, then your very worst nightmare was written on the faces of this man and this woman.

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare. Every parent’s worst night used to be having your child abducted by paedos. Now it’s this…

And yet, by some incredible and terrible twist of fate, the leaders of both our leading political parties have now been in that blackest of places.

Good job the loss of a child is “above” politics…

Gordon Brown knows what it is like to look at a coffin so small that it rips out your heart.

Now the Camerons should be left to mourn their beautiful boy, who gave them so much love and leaves them with so much sorrow. I can think of nothing in this world more intensely personal than the death of a child.

Not that personal, Tony. Keep going. Come on…

But something has changed after the death of that little boy. And it is this. Those of us who oppose David Cameron usually work from the premise that he knows nothing of real life and this cruel world.

I don’t think that works any more.

It was a crass comment to begin with. It never did work.

People like me, who would never vote for Cameron, need to do better than mindlessly keep playing the class card. Yes, Cameron is a man who has grown up in enormous privilege.

So let’s not mention it. It’s not about politics…

But the reason I would never vote for him is I believe he has no idea how to get this country through the hard years ahead.

The Times India Knight: “Ivan Cameron”

Thank you for all your messages about Ivan Cameron’s death last Wednesday. I haven’t blogged about it because – well, because. It made me feel ill and scared, and cry for people I’ve never met.

But work is work, and I have written a piece for this Sunday’s paper, which I filed without re-reading as soon as I’d finished typing and which is probably quite mad. But anyway. Read that, if you like. I’d avoid it, myself, and just have a nice Sunday and count your blessings, however improbable they may seem.

Dallas Morning News: “Editorial: Ivan Cameron’s gift to the world”

Who knows how many will be helped because Ivan lived and was loved by his devoted father? Who can say that there is any such thing as a life not worth living?

Daily Mail: “A tragedy that will make or break Dave”

It’s Amanda Platell:

Until this week’s tragic events, the big question that hung over David Cameron’s head was whether he had the character to lead this country through what will undoubtedly be the darkest time in most people’s living memory.

What changed? Obama’s stimulus package, right?

There was little doubt Sunshine could be a fair-weather Prime Minister, but did he have the grit, the guts, the tenacity to take us through a recession that will see millions unemployed and, if predictions are right, civil unrest the like of which we have not seen since the Brixton riots of the early Eighties?

I predict a riot. When, Amanda, When?

The death of his ‘beautiful boy’ Ivan may just provide the answer to that question.

What did his son dying teach him of economic policy, Amanda?

Because make no mistake, the death of a child either destroys a parent or makes them more determined and more driven than ever.

1 + 1 = 3

If he can survive his own tunnel of grief, he might just be able to lead this nation through its tough times, too.

Inch worm, inch worm…

Ivan Cameron – when one disabled six-year-old can say so much.

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