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Jade Goody Celebrity Cancer: Jesus, Terrified Brave Jade And Vince Cable

by | 1st, March 2009

JADE Goody Celebrity Cancer: Jesus, Terrified Brave Jade, Vince Cable and never in Wales.

Daily Star (front page): “JADE: I need your heeling prayers”

BATTLER Jade Goody is begging the nation to help heal her cancer by focusing loving thoughts on her at 6pm tonight…

Her life coach, Sue Stone, and spiritual healer Wayne Lee say that “anyone, anywhere” can direct positive feelings to the sick 27-year-old who first stole hearts on Channel 4’s Big Brother.

Stole our heats. You ,mean “pig-faced” Jade (see the Graham Norton show), the laughing stock who came fourth?

And Sue said: “Jade is very, very open and very receptive to anything which might make her feel better. So we’d like as many people as possible to channel their positive thoughts, prayers and wishes towards her at 6pm. This will create a huge surge of positive energy which we hope will help negate her cancer. If people would like to envisage a white light going through Jade’s body, healing every cell, that would be fantastic.

We don’t want feelings of sorrow, we want positive thoughts and energy. There are an awful lot of people out there who feel so terribly helpless about Jade’s situation but this can really make a difference.”

How? If it worked then everyone would do it on the NHS.

Sunday People: “It took four hours to talk Jade into to going to the hospice..she thought it was a trick”



Terrified Jade Goody pleaded with husband Jack Tweed and her two closest girlfriends not to move her into a hospice and screamed out: “I want to die at home!”


Brave? Surely, “terrified”? So goes the media narrative.

JADE Goody is set to throw a lavish party for family and friends to celebrate her sons’ christening.

After her “dream” wedding to Jack Tweed last Sunday, the dying mother-of-two is mustering all her energy to organise one more celebration, this time for Bobby, five, and Freddie, four.

The cancer-stricken star, who has just weeks to live, revealed that she wanted her boys “to get to know Jesus so they can keep in touch with me when I am in heaven”.

Irish Indpendent: Fame Is Jade’s Last Hope

Irish Independent: “Fame saved Jade’s life, now it is her last hope – Jade Goody cannot be judged for dying as she has lived — in the public eye, writes Sarah Caden”

She can’t be judged, says, er, columnist.

Because as much as people sneer at Jade’s living and dying in the public eye, for her it’s not so much a reality-TV exercise as her reality. Being a focus of public attention, being famous, is Jade’s life. It’s what saved her life once, and, in a strange way, she may hope it will save her life again. It won’t and it won’t make everyone like her — it never did — but she cannot be judged for hoping or for dying as she lived.

No judgement. So what, then?

To live in the public eye, was and is for Jade the way to live. It was and is life itself. It saved her once — from her child-mother and her lack of prospects — and while her hope of a comeback was not what she imagined, it is, in its strange way, saving her again.


Sunday Mirror (front page): “I may now make it to next week.”

The Portsmouth News: “Jade ‘feeling a lot brighter’”

Daily Mail: “VINCE CABLE: Why my wife would have thanked Jade”

Vince Cable is the Liberal Democrat Treasury spokesman.

In a very public way, Jade has communicated what her cancer means and why others do not need to suffer like her. There are reports of a big and welcome increase in the number of young women going to their GPs for the smear test.

Until recently, I was only vaguely aware of who she was: a celebrity famous for being famous; loud and brash; a star of Big Brother. I am not a Big Brother fan. I find watching paint dry more exciting. But, then, that could also be said of the House of Commons.

I am sure that she is far better known to the teenage girls in skimpy skirts who descend on my town centre on Friday and Saturday nights, heading for the pubs, than those of us who hog the economic and political news.

Since Jade discovered her cancer, and that it was terminal, she has become probably the most celebrated woman in the country, with influence way beyond the reach of politicians or preachers.

Sunday Mercury: “Jade Goody is not the only mother courage”

WHO is Jade Goody? What has she achieved? Why is she treated like a goddess?

This Is Wales: “If Jade Goody, now 27, lived in Wales she might not be dying now.”

WHENEVER we in Wales seem to do worse than England in any kind of statistics, we get to know about it. But the truth is that devolution has also brought about some huge benefits to the Welsh people compared to England and there is no-one who proves that more than poor Jade Goody.

That’s just cruel.

If Jade Goody, now 27, lived in Wales she might not be dying now. And who knows how many young women are still alive because they were lucky enough to live in Wales.

In England you do not get invited for a cervical smear test until you are 25 – and by then it’s too late for any girl unfortunate enough to be suffering from cervical cancer at a younger age – as Jade is. In Wales the age to begin screening is 20 – as it is in Scotland and Northern Ireland. In England women are screened every three years until the age of 49…

So when you hear some of the crackpots from the “True Wales” movement pontificating against the National Assembly, it would be wiser to remember that devolution has brought about some great changes to Wales in the devolved issues such as health and education.


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