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Robbery Suspect Tries To Join Police Force

by | 1st, March 2009

IN Chulu Vista, California, Romeo Montillano is looking to join the force.

Romeo Montillano is known to policeā€¦ as thge man suspected of robbing a California store.

Can he pass the entrance exam?

Montillano is keen. He contacts the station from Las Vegas to say he is having car problems.

He takes a bus. He arrives on time. He is mobbed by the cops. They love him. He is arrested.

The San Diego Union-Tribune says that during his arrest, Mr Montillano asked if he would still be able to take the exam.

No. Montillano asked if he could re-apply and maybe take the test later.

Romeo Montillano has been arrested for investigation of robbery, making criminal threats and grand theft.

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