Anorak News | Jade Goody Celebrity Cancer: Victoria Beckham Writes, Princess Diana Appears And Elton John Sings

Jade Goody Celebrity Cancer: Victoria Beckham Writes, Princess Diana Appears And Elton John Sings

by | 2nd, March 2009

JADE Goody Celebrity Cancer: Tears, Victoria Beckham Writes, Princess Diana Appears and Elton John Sings


The Sun has a “picture exclusive” of Jade holding an oxygen mask to her face while laying on a trolley.

This is:

“Jade’s agony in cancer op dash”

* Posh Life For Posh lift for Jade Goody’s family

VICTORIA BECKHAM lifted JADE GOODY’s spirits by sending her a message of support, it was revealed last night.

Revealed by whom?

Posh, 34, and footie star hubby DAVID, 33, also sent two AC Milan strips for Jade’s soccer-mad sons.

Victoria’s letter said: “David and I are moved by your fight against this cruel illness. We are both thinking of you at what must be a terrible time. We wanted to offer your lovely children a gift we hope they will both like.”

Hope is a black and white striped nylon-polyester mix shirt delivered from celebrity royalty, who are not amused.

Daily Mail: “Despite her turmoil, Jade was given a boost when she received a handwritten letter from David and Victoria Beckham.”

Delivered on a satin pillow by a footman.

Daily Mirror: “JADE IN 999 OP DASH”

“Star in absolute agony”


Publicist Max Clifford said Jade had rung begging him to get her some help. He added: “Jade was absolutely desperate.

“She was in absolute agony and obviously very frightened.

“She phoned me in floods of tears saying ‘I just can’t stand this any more. I’m trying to be brave Max but I’m in so much pain.’ “She couldn’t understand why they haven’t been able to get this awful pain under control.”


Although she managed to get some sleep overnight, by yesterday morning Jade could no longer put on a brave face.

And Jack?

A source said: “Jack’s been crying himself to sleep every night and has been unable to get to sleep much before 6am. He’s exhausted because he isn’t sleeping.”

* Tweed in trial plea

The trial of Jade Goody’s husband Jack Tweed may be postponed because of her deteriorating health… Tweed is accused of assaulting a cabbie but it is believed his lawyer will ask for magistrates to adjourn the case.

Tweed is facing a two-day trial at Epping for allegedly beating up taxi driver Stephen Wilkins after a night out on a Bank Holiday Monday in May.

He was arrested after the cabbie phoned police. It is claimed Tweed beat up Mr Wilkins after he and his friends were picked up outside Club 195 in Epping, Essex, and told to pay the £35 fare upfront.

Tweed denies the charge.

Daily Star: “Jade my final week”

There is a picture of Jade sitting in bed. Readers can make out the face of Princess Diana. Is it a ghost?

“She plans Diana state royal funeral”.

Goodbye South London’s rose
Though I never knew you at all
You were the onions that placed itself
Where pitta were torn apart
You screeched out to our country
And you screeched to those in pain
Now you belong to the Sun
And the Beckhams that spell out your name

Daily Express: “Dying Jade in rush to surgery to ease her pain”

Press Trust of India: “American chat show legends Larry King and Oprah Winfrey are both trying to score an exclusive interview with terminally ill British reality TV star Jade Goody.”

Let us pray…

They have both contacted Goody’s agent Max Clifford for an appearance on US television via satellite link-up, either from her home or from the hospital

The Independent – Matthew Norman: “Out after curfew, Gaunty?”

If anything, The Sun has downgraded the role of its subs even more than the Mail. In his latest tour de force, Jon Gaunt takes umbrage at the tagged Jack Tweed’s request to spend all the time that remains to her with his wife, Jade Goody. There should, writes my favourite columnist, be no relaxation of his curfew but for her final moments. “I’m sorry Jack, but you did the crime. Now shut up, do the time and make the most of your weeks with Jade.” Yes, Gaunty, but isn’t that slightly the point of him asking to be allowed to stay with her after 7pm each evening? This is what happens when you cut back on proper subbing. The writer, through no fault of his own, can look a bit thick.

Digital Spy: “I hope we dont see “breaking news” on BBC1 or ITV when Jade Goody goes.”

Or no news any more, or ever again…

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