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Allen Stanford Rarely Wore A Wristwatch

by | 2nd, March 2009

allen and andrea

ALLEN Stanford, the moustached cricket fiancier who was to have spent his summers hiding out in the stands at County Championship matches in Canterbury and Durham – far away from the public eye – or in a gaggle of cricketers wives and girfriends, is spotted by the Mail.

The paper of record tells us that Stanford “rarely wore a wristwatch”.

Such was his capricious treatment of the people around him that he came to believe he didn’t need one. When Stanford clicked his fingers, day or night, his friends, family and business lieutenants had no option but to jump.

This fact is illustrated by the following image:

Whether or not Stanford wears a watch on his finger-clicking hand, or if he can click with either hand is not mentioned. There is much still to discover in Stanford’s wrist action.

Old Mr Anorak has always been interested in sportsmen’s jewellery. In slow motion, the Olympics are a chance to see heavy gold chains thwacking runners in the face and throat.

In the Premier League, the contest is enlivened by who has the biggest coloured plaster on their ring finger. Elastoplast are believed to have fashioned a plaster the size of small pillow case, ready should Ronaldo ever tie the knot.

One gem of sporting trivia tells us that should Ashley Cole have remained at Arsenal, his watch would have been used as a new clock for the relocated Clock End of Highbury lore.

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