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Jade Goody: Jack Attack, Sick Websites, Boiled Egg And Alain Bashung

by | 3rd, March 2009

JADE Goody Celebrity Cancer: Jack Attack, Sick Websites, Boiled Egg And Alain Bashung…

The Sun (front page): “HER DARKEST DAY”

• New op as cancer spreads
• Jack goes on trial for attack

Failing to add:

* Stacey gets off with someone else boyfriend on EastEnders
* England draw in Windies
* War in Afghanistan continues

* “Net firms ‘cash in on sick Jade’

AN INTERNET firm has been accused of cashing-in on Jade Goody’s battle by selling signed copies of her autobiography for £1,000.

Essex-based Packet Post UK Ltd which sells on eBay, says it will donate £500 from each sale to Cancer Research.

But pals of the star say it is not enough. A source close to Jade said: “Some people are just sick.

“How can you take something so tragic and make money from it? They are just heartless, callous and greedy.

“They are making thousands from Jade’s illness and will probably make even more from her death.”

The Sun: 30p. Hey, it’s got kids. And an advert alongside the online story for Virgin broadband.

Daily Star (front page): “Jade: One last cuddle with my boys”

Daily Express (front page): “Emergency operation to relieve Jade’s pain”

Daily Mirror (front page): “JADE NEW OP TO STOP THE PAIN”

“Star uses gas and air mask for relief”

Newspost: “Jade Goody to dress up as boiled egg for sons Christening”

Cancer-stricken Jade Goody is planning to go for the Christening of her two sons dressed as a boiled egg.

Despite undergoing emergency surgery, the former Big Brother star says that nothing will stop her from partying with her boys Bobby, five, and Freddie, four.

Goody is determined to make it home and celebrate a fancy dress Christening for Bobby, five, and Freddie, four, by dressing as a boiled egg.

Daily Mail: “By the way…”

Cervical screening used to be offered to women from the age of 21. But the Department of Health, in its wisdom, recently decided to raise the age to 25…

Cervical cancer is not common in women under 20. This is because it is caused by a sexually transmitted virus, Human Papilloma Virus, which takes some time to wreak cancerous change after it has been contracted.

But what counts here is the age at which women become sexually active – and there is a trend for this to be younger and younger…

Is there?

A close friend and colleague did not meet her first boyfriend until the age of 21, but, within a year, at the time of her first cervical screening, had an aggressive abnormality which required significant laser treatment.

But if this same scenario had happened now, she would not have been eligible for screening and might have died. That is, of course, only one anecdote, so it is hardly major evidence. But she was a late starter on her sexual career compared to the young women of today.

Poor Jade Goody’s story has had an incredible effect on awareness of this ghastly disease among young women. It is a travesty that those who ask their doctors for a cervical screening test will be turned down simply because of their age, and not because of their risk.

This policy needs a re-think. It should be based upon the changing culture of sexual behaviour and not an arbitrary age limit.

Daily Telegraph: “Jade Goody and dark angel of French rock sign of times”

In a strange parallel, as I returned yesterday, France was gripped by an equal mix of admiration and morbid fascination for its own bald terminal cancer star – Alain Bashung.

That said, they may share the same illness, but there the similarities end.

Unlike Goody, who professes no particular talent, Bashung is the Rolls Royce of French rock – not the guns blazing Johnny Hallyday stuff but infinitely more sophisticated, brooding, self-deprecatory music closer to Serge Gainsbourg, with whom he has collaborated.

Sky News: “Cancer-Stricken Jade To Meet White Witch”

“I have a bowl of holy water that I wash and pray with and I’m even having a meeting with a white witch…” she said in her column in New! magazine.

“I’ve no idea what she’s going to do to me so I’ll have to let you know how I get on!” “CEP: If Jade Goody had been Scottish, Welsh or Irish and not English she might not be dying now”

Mr. J. Stanhope, member of the National Council of the Campaign for an English Parliament, speaking to its West Midlands members on Monday said that the tragedy of Jade Goody highlighted how the effects of devolution are tearing the United Kingdom apart, contrary to British claims that devolution is working. What was once a truly British National Health Service that served equally each of the four nations, has since devolution turned patient care into a post code lottery that depends on your county of residence, and is now four separate health services, with an English one that could be heading down the road to privatisation.

Referring to the tragic case of Jane Goody Mr Stanhope said that every young person between the ages of 20 and 25 living in England should be aware that their lives are not as important to the British establishment as those lives of the young people of Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath the Prime Ministers constituency, or of the rest of those young people living in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Quoting Mr. Angharad Mair from Wales on Sunday, he said that if Jade Goody now 27 had lived in Wales she might not be dying now, and who knows how many young women are still alive because they were lucky enough to live in those countries.

In England you do not get invited for a cervical smear test until you are 25 – and by then it’s too late for any girl unfortunate enough to be suffering from cervical cancer at a younger age – as Jade is. In Wales the age of screening is 20 – as it is in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Older women again do better in Wales with screenings every 3 years until the age of 65, while in England women are only screened every 3 years until the age of 49.

Jade Goody – when cancer say so much…

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