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Tori Spelling’s Method Acting Masterclass

by | 3rd, March 2009

IT’S Tori Spelling, daughter to Aaron Spelling and the greatest living actress in Hollywood today.

While lesser actresses would have baulked at the idea of playing the girl everyone fancied and liked in Beverly Hills 90210, Tori was the epitome of professionalism, taking on the challenging role with guts.

Now Tori is said by the National Enquirer to be preparing to reprise her role by getting very thin and acting “fanciable”.

“She’s scary skinny,” says the NE approvingly. The magazine speaks of “fears for her health”. A Dr is called to say that if you hold place the article on the scales, Tori is “very hollow and fragile”.

Tori is playing the role of the Hollywood yummy mummy – bone-lickin’ good! – to a tee. This is ultimate method acting.

But can Tori go further? Can she appear a sex symbol blessed with rare charisma and sexergy?

If anyone can, Tori can. Or failing that, call Dame Judi Dench…

Image: Gallery of The Absurd

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