Anorak News | Jade Goody Celebrity Cancer: Jade’s Thumbs, Jack Tweed’s Cabbie, Bobby Writes And Nasty Jade

Jade Goody Celebrity Cancer: Jade’s Thumbs, Jack Tweed’s Cabbie, Bobby Writes And Nasty Jade

by | 4th, March 2009

JADE Goody celebrity cancer: Jade’s thumbs up, Jack Tweed’s guilt, Bobby writes and nasty Jade.

The Sun (front page): “Brave Jade’s pain as Jack faces jail”


More pain?

BRAVE Jade Goody gives a spirited thumbs-up yesterday — just before collapsing in tears when she learned her husband could be thrown back in prison.

Part-time model Jack, 21, also wept when he was convicted of gripping a cabbie in a headlock, threatening to stab him and yanking his handbrake at 50mph. He will be sentenced in three weeks. And it is possible he will be locked away when Jade, 27, dies.

Jade We Hate You.

Brave. Tears. Possible.

Last night Mr [Stephen] Wilkins [victim] said Jack deserved to be jailed “but not right now”. He added: “I’m glad he’ll be able to spend time with Jade.”

You and Jack Straw both.

Why Jade should stay single


• You can do up your house however you want eg if Jack was really messy, Jade hasn’t got to tidy up after him any more.

Jade Goody has cancer.

* Shuddering Jade’s lips turned blue

COURAGEOUS Jade Goody suffered a terrifying reaction yesterday as she came round after the emergency operation to relieve her cancer pain. The 27-year-old began shuddering uncontrollably and her lips turned blue as her body recovered from her latest bout of punishing surgery.

Says a Kevin Adams – the fitness coach from TV’s Fame Academy:

“She is in less pain now. On a scale of one to ten she was in a sharp pain of ten, but she is now around a six.”

A six… Can he more specific? Scoring out of ten is the stuff of football reports and Jerwmy Kyle – “How sure are you that the baybees yours… out of ten”?

The bubble has finally burst for the thick foul-mouthed and thoroughly nasty piece of work that is Jade Goody – Lorraine Kelly, 2007

Daily Star (front page): “JADE GOOD NEWS AT LAST”

Jack, right? After too long married to the swine, he’s been banged up..?


Now if she can beat cancer…

“Plus her boys on the best mummy ever”

What better than Princess Diana? Mother Teresa? Nigella Lawson?

Bobby says his mum is the “best” and that her wedding was “the best day ever”.

Bobby wrote the note. And Jade – thoughtful Jade – read it aloud for the media. That he may be a celeb after mum has gone…

Daily Mirror (front page): I’ll keep smiling for my little boys”

Spirited Jade Goody gives thumbs-up after latest bowel op. She clutches weakly at a breathing tube as her life ebbs away.

Feeling queasy.

Yet ailing Jade Goody is a picture of true grit yesterday as she is wheeled from hospital following her latest pain-relieving op.

There are message from Mirror readers:

“You have faced this nightmare with such courage and humility…”

“I wake up thinking of you and go to bed thinking of you…”

“[Jack] is a wonderful young man …”


People: Randy Jack begs girls for lesbian act & group sex on lads’ ski hol while lover is home looking after the kids


SHAMED telly star Jade Goody faced fresh heartache last night after her love-rat boyfriend was caught by The People begging girls for sex on a lads-only trip.

Randy Jack Tweed,19, barely gave a second thought to his famous girlfriend as he prowled the bars of ski resort Val Thorens in the French Alps, looking for women.

And 25-year-old Jade couldn’t have been further from his filthy mind as he made a string of explicit sexual requests…

OFFERED to pay our girl £35 to perform a sex act on him.
BEGGED for group sex with our girl and her pal.
DEMANDED the girls put on a lesbian show.

Part-time model Jack..?

Now Jack, a budding football agent…

Daily Mail (front page): “My heart goes out to Jade, says BBC journalist James Landalde, who also has cancer.”

Touching words. Thanks…

“…How sad her dying days are reduced to this creepy voyeurism.”

Well, if it sells papers and fills airtime… Look, there’s Jade Goody on the Mail’s cover. She doesn’t look at all well. Bad kebab?

“But the circus of her last days is fuelling the appetites of those who would once have taken picnics to public hanging.”

Knit one. Pearl one. Off with her hair! Now read on…

Daily Express (front page): “Jade wins precious days of life”

Jacks Tweed’s lawyers tell the court:

“She has been given less than four weeks to live.”

What if the cabbie were ill, the victim had only a short time left and had been assaulted? What then the plea?

The Indy: “The end: How would you choose to die?”

In our own bed, sipping claret. Tending cabbages in the garden. Standing, arms outstretched, on top of a mountain. Under the spotlight on a live TV show… We all have different ideas about how we’d like to go. John Walsh grapples with mortality…

And wins?

On Medica: “Doctors should take care when speaking about celebrity patients”

Doctors must take care when talking to the media about celebrity patients.

Patient confidentiality:

The Medical Defence Union has this week issued advice to its members warning them to think very carefully before talking to the press even with the patient’s apparent consent.

“Famous names such as Jade Goody and Sir Terry Pratchett may decide to talk publicly about cervical cancer or Alzheimer’s Disease in order to raise awareness about their illnesses and for other more personal reasons. However, this does not mean that a doctor can comment freely about a famous patient’s treatment or prognosis, even when the celebrity has put many of the details in the public domain. Indeed, even confirming to the media that someone is a patient,without their explicit permission, is a breach of confidentiality,” warned MDU medico-legal advisor Dr Anahita Kirkpatrick.

“If patients asks you to issue a formal statement on their behalf, they would need to agree the content of such a statement with you. However, agreeing to be interviewed carries significant pitfalls in terms of patient consent. While you might agree general areas of discussion with the patient, neither you or the patient can be certain, in advance, what you might be asked or how you might respond. However cautious you may be there is still a possibility that you may inadvertently reveal details that the patient did not consent to being released, such as aspects of the celebrity’s medical history that are relevant to their current treatment,” she added.

Jade Goody has cancer.

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