Anorak News | Jade Goody’s OK! Wedding: Perez Hilton Dances, Jade Drinks Shots And A Mexican Wave

Jade Goody’s OK! Wedding: Perez Hilton Dances, Jade Drinks Shots And A Mexican Wave

by | 4th, March 2009

ONE week on from the Jade Goody wedding – moving through a court date, Nelson Mandela and the Beckhams’ largesse – and Jade and Jack are still married.

On the OK! cover, readers see Jade and Jack with their heads close together. A Glasgow kiss? No, just a lip smacker – Jade is a woman changed, moreover Jack, who has not been arrested for days.

Above them is a view of the top table, with Bobby, Jade’s son, bawling his eyes out as he sits between Jack and his mum.

This is “Part Two of Jade and Jack’s emotional wedding”.

We join the action with Jade sat down, “tears streaming down her cheeks”. Jack, who looks like a slimmed down John Terry, goes to comfort her.

Jade’s mum Jackiey is pictured with her arm wrapped around the neck of a someone who after a few sherbets might be mistaken for Jade. It’s Aldo Zilli, the celebrity chef.

And with that it’s onto the roast beef and speeches

First up is “shy boy” Jack. Jade looks on” angelically”. Says Jack:

“I am proud of what she has achieved in her life, of how brave she has been.”

The best man then tells an anecdote about Jack weeing (see John Terry). And then Bobby, Jade’s son, hands his mum a note about how much he loves her.

“A chorus of aaahs swept across the room like a Mexican wave.”

Then Jade’s grandpa says how “proud” he is of “having been your grandad all your life”.

Then a treat – a montage of Jade’s best bits. And a video tribute from Hollywood finest. No, not David Beckham. No, not Tom Cruise. No, Jade’s “best men”, “picture agency bosses” Simon Bridger and Danny Haywood, have secured the services of….Perez Hilton, the celebrity blogger desperate to go native.

Perez Hilton says what an honour it all is to be recognised and then does a victory dance. “Aaaah,” says one and all the Mexican waves comes around again.

Jade then speaks.

She wants to thank the people who have made her life what it is: Max Clifford, her other agent Mark Thomas and Sir Elton John’s floral designer.

Jade then dances beneath a “heavenly purple beam”; then “swigging champagne and downing shots”.

Next week, we’re invited to the Christening of Jade’s sons. Bring a tissue…

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