Anorak News | In praise of… overweight cricketers

In praise of… overweight cricketers

by | 4th, March 2009

THE game of cricket has an illustrious history of overweight stars, from WG Grace to Rob Key, with honourable mentions along the way for larger gents such as Inzamam Ul Haq, Colin Milburn, Ian Austin, Merv Hughes and – who could forget? – the mighty Dwayne Leverock, Bermuda’s tubby talisman (pictured, left: the photo has not been stretched).

So Anorak was very disappointed to read that Nottinghamshire spinner Samit Patel is being sent home from England’s tour of the Caribbean because he is out of shape.

We know that modern cricket places a much greater emphasis on fitness and fielding, but every team should be allowed one token fatty, surely?

And it smells of double standards that Andrew Flintoff, who rarely looks in the best of condition, is hailed as England’s saviour when it’s clear he would benefit from losing a few pounds, whilst Patel is sent home in disgrace.

First rugby union, now cricket – there has to be a happy home for the fat sportsman, sumo wrestling and darts apart.

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