Anorak News | Jade Goody: Jack Tweed’s Confession, Signature Coffins, Paul Burrell And The Best Anecdote Ever

Jade Goody: Jack Tweed’s Confession, Signature Coffins, Paul Burrell And The Best Anecdote Ever

by | 5th, March 2009

JADE Goody celebrity cancer: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Jade Goody’s celebrity cancer, feartuing Jack Tweed’s confession, signature coffins, Paul Burrell and a great anecdote.


A confession?

EMOTIONAL Jack Tweed told yesterday how he spent a whole night holding terminally-ill Jade Goody’s hand in hospital — and begged her to forgive his criminal past.

Forgive me Jade, for I have sinned.

Jack is at the hospital. His electronic tag has been switched to light vibrate (all electronic devices should be switched off) long enough for him spend the night with Jade in hospital following her recent operation.

A “source” explains:

“He did his best to hold her at times, she was grateful he was there.”

The Sun:

Jack, whose curfew means he must stay at his mum’s Essex home from 7pm to 7am, was NOT allowed to return to his wife’s bedside last night.

Says Jack:

“I just want to be with her as much as I can.”


He spent yesterday afternoon with pals, leaving Jade to get vital rest.

Better he’s not there, then, right?

Page 9: JACK: MY HOSPITAL VIGIL – I held Jade’s hand all night and begged her to forgive me”

Daily Star (front page): “Jade’s I’ve said my goodbyes… I know I’ve got just hours left”


Tragic Jade Goody said her goodbyes to loved ones yesterday as her desperate battle with cancer reached its final hours.

She met tearful friends and relatives throughout the day after being told her last moments were closing in.

Spokesman Max Clifford admitted: “The next few hours are crucial. We’re all hoping and praying that Jade pulls through but the fact of the matter is that she now only has a short time to live.”

What time does the Star got to print?

The Scotsman: “Jade’s publicist ready to step in”

JADE Goody’s publicist, Max Clifford, yesterday said he would tell her “enough is enough” and she should withdraw from the public eye if her condition worsened.

So much depends on the op. Will the Jade Goody Celebrity Coffin; Jade Goody Hoody, a line of clothes for mourners and nuns – and the Jade Goody Gracious Me range of poppadoms and pickles be ready in time?

Mr Clifford added: “We hope the operation she had will make things a lot more bearable, a lot brighter for her, in the weeks ahead. Jade likes and enjoys the media spotlight – you have to marry all of these things – but if she continues to be in the kind of pain and condition she is in, then my advice increasingly will be, ‘Don’t you think enough is enough?'”

What a rock. Is Clifford Paul Burrell to Jade’s Diana?

Daily Mirror (Page 7): “IT’S BEEN THE BEST 7 YEARS OF MY LIFE”

“Dying Jade reflects on happy times”

Her publicist Max Clifford said: “She’s lived her life in the media spotlight for seven years. Those seven years have been the happiest, most self-fulfilling.”

Those magic moments, as featured in the Mirror:

2002 – “Jade after Big Brother eviction” – The girl who gave Graham Norton a porcine joke on his after BB show had finished fourth

2003 – “With boyfriend Jeff before split” – Loved enough to let go.

2004 – “Using chopsticks in TV’s Back To Reality” – Multicultural Jade.

2005 – “In curlers during Living TV show” – Jade does hair.

2006 – “Preparing to run the London marathon” – Jade’s suicide bid.

2007 – “In CBB diary room with Shilpa Shetty” – Great mates!

2008 – “Tears on Big Brother over cancer” – Jade Celebrity Cancer premiers. New TV format hit!

Daily Mirror: “Jade Goody and me”

And me. Me too. What about me? Zoe Griffin goes first.

I was at the bar in a trendy London member’s club last night when I heard some people say mean things about Jade Goody and I think it is completely outrageous.

Have they ever seen how fun Jade Goody can be? Doubt it.

I have though. Shortly after she did Big Brother in 2002, I was at the bar in Embassy nightclub and I felt my bottom being pinched really hard. I turned round and saw it was Jade that had done it!

So you nutted her across the bridge of the nose? Fight!

She was quite embarrassed and giggled loudly: “Oh NOOOOOO. I thought you were my mate Michelle. Im so sorry. OH. MY. GOODNESS.”

What a great anecdote. Old Mr Anorak recalls being mistaken for the Kaiser, a relative, of sorts. How he laughed as the Polish King introduced his daughters…

And then she said something really nice: “Have you got a drink? Have mine. It’s some kind of cocktail.”

I didn’t take it but I did see Jade afterwards – normally at Embassy nightclub and she always remembered that incident.

It’s unforgettable.

And what’s more, she was always laughing and joking and giggling.

Unless she wasn’t.

I looked at some photos Mirror photographer James Vellacott posted on his blog today, and she looks like she is waving to say hello.

She can sit up and beg, too. And she loves her tummy tickled.

She’s an amazing character and I hope people support her now, when she needs it most.

Daily Mail: Jade is…gone from the paper! No mention.

Daily Express (page 23): “Jade so ‘weak’ after surgery”

Daily Mirror – Brian Reade: “Two faces of Straw justice”

How noble of Jack Straw to lift Jack Tweed’s curfew so he could have a good bevvy after his wedding to Jade Goody. How courageous to intervene and allow jailbird Tweed (below) a night in front of the OK! cameras.

But where’s his consistency? In December, two High Court judges ruled he could pardon jailed football fan Michael Shields on the grounds his conviction was highly flawed.

A dying relative?

Three months later Shields is still behind bars, and despite Straw promising a “swift decision” he looks like staying there another two months.

An independent psychologist has written to Straw telling of his concerns over Shields’ acute weight loss and mental health, but still he can’t find the “enormous sympathy” he felt for Jack Tweed. Is it because stories of jailed football fans don’t play as well with the mass media as a reality TV star getting the Diana treatment?

Dunno. It depends which case you choose to highlight, and what your vested interest is..

If he was Jade Goody’s husband, would Shields now be out on temporary licence while Straw found a way of pardoning him?

Don’t bother wasting two months constructing an answer, Jack. I think we know it.

Irish Times: “Decline in popularity of gossip magazines no idle rumour, sales figures show”

MEDIA & MARKETING: Falling sales suggest consumers are growing sick of celebrity culture, writes SIOBHAN O’CONNELL .

Does it?

THE MEDIA focus on Jade Goody’s terminal illness has marked a new low in society’s celebrity voyeurism. But there are tentative signs that the public is growing weary of the celebrity gossip and photos that have provided a bonanza for magazine publishers in recent years.

According to latest circulation figures released by the Audit Bureau of Circulations, OK! Magazine , which bought the rights to Goody’s recent wedding, saw its shop sales fall by 20 per cent through 2008 to 480,000 copies.

It was a similar story with two other tittle-tattle titles, Chat and Heat , which were both down 10 per cent. In response, Heat is to launch a new spin-off, Heatworld , which promises to be celebrity-free with a humorous take instead on, for example, haircuts and wedding dresses.

Hello , which still favours European royalty over reality TV show contestants, dropped 22,000 shop sales year on year, though the title’s overall average sale advanced by 7 per cent when discounted sales were counted.

But the entire media sector is depressed, and not just about Jade. And then there is the internet…

Jade Goody’s Celebrity Cancer – a woman suffers.

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