Anorak News | Woman Accused Of Biting Off Lover’s Tongue In French Kiss

Woman Accused Of Biting Off Lover’s Tongue In French Kiss

by | 5th, March 2009

UP before the Beak at Newcastle Crown Court, Mark Coghill says his girlfriend, one Tracy Davies, asked him for a French kiss and then bit off his tongue.

They had met via a lonely heart ad and been dating for a few months.

Coghill claims Davies did “turned into the likes of Mike Tyson“. She did bite off half his tongue. She did spit it out on the floor.

Phone. 999. Police at the door. Davies, jurors hear, hands the police a bag: “We had a domestic and I bit his tongue off, here it is.”

A race to hospital. A tongue unattached.

The scene:

Miss Davies is said to have been upset about not being pregnant.
Coghill claims Davies tells him:

“You haven’t given me a proper, nice, smoochie, tongue in, sort of kiss for a few days.

“I had wanted to anyway but she asked me to do that.

“She was nice and beautiful and passive then within a few seconds she turned into the likes of Mike Tyson.”


“I screamed, thinking it was some kind of joke for a few seconds, then I screamed more and more and more and tried to tap her on the head.

“I couldn’t kick her off or push her off or anything like that. I was just hoping and praying she would stop but she didn’t.

“She had my tongue in her mouth and she went ‘mmmm’ as though she was satisfied.

“She looked at me straight in the eyes, she made sure I saw half of my tongue was actually in her mouth and she spat it out on the carpet.

“My immediate reaction was has this really happened, have I had some sort of nightmare? So I checked and my tongue had gone, she had actually done it.”

Davies denies causing grievous bodily harm with intent. She maintain she does not know how the injury was caused.

Nothing proven, Far form it.

And while we await the verdict, we turn to the cover of the Daily Sport, and thereon learn:

β€œNaked wife lured hubby to bed for murder – she stripped then stabbed him 31 times.”

Maria Boyne, who had become pregnant by her lover, has been jailed for life for the murder of Graham Boyne.

And men read on…

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