Anorak News | Ugly footballer calls Cristiano Ronaldo “ugly”

Ugly footballer calls Cristiano Ronaldo “ugly”

by | 5th, March 2009

STEVEN Taylor, Newcastle United’s English defender, is no male model, as the photo to the left shows.

But Taylor had the cheek to (allegedly) call Cristiano Ronaldo “ugly” during a set-to in the tunnel after Man Utd’s 2-1 win at Newcastle Utd last night.

According to The Guardian:

“Ronaldo reportedly started the exchange by calling Taylor a rubbish footballer, to which the Newcastle defender responded by allegedly saying that, at least, ‘he wasn’t ugly’.

Ronaldo repeated the claim about Taylor being a poor footballer and the exchange ended with the defender apparently saying, ‘I know, but you are still ugly’ before [Rio] Ferdinand and [Steve] Bennett intervened.”

All very childish (they are professional footballers, so we expect nothing less than such immaturity), but at least Taylor knows how to press C-Ron’s buttons.

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