Anorak News | Sex Party Descends Into Riot When Men Ignore Naked Women

Sex Party Descends Into Riot When Men Ignore Naked Women

by | 5th, March 2009

TO The White Cockatoo (a cock or two?) resort at Mossman, near Port Douglas, Queensland. March has been desingated a month of hedosim “in a bid to boost sagging tourism figures”.

John Harrison and his fragrant wife Lyn arrived there for a week’s stay and much room servicing. The Herlad Sun tells of a “mini riot”.

Four naked female guests are confronted by the fully-clothed man, allegedly Mr Harrison. Says the manager:

“They felt uncomfortable with him eyeing them off and I asked him to show some respect and take his clothes off.


“He then threatened to bash me, there was some argy-bargy and I ordered him off the premises and police were called.”

Is the manager naked? Respect. The Harrisons are asked to leave.

Says Mr Harrison:

“Mr Fox asked me why I was dressed in front of other people and claimed it was disrespectful. He then stormed away and said ‘Stop being a f…head’.”

There a surcharge of “f***head”.

Mr Fox says Mr Harrison threatened to punch him. Police attended. Were they dressed?

It all sounds not enough unlike a night out with the pensioners in Faliraki. Less of a swing than a gentle rocking. And as for being a “mini riot”, as the paper claims, well, it is was then the end credits of Benny Hill should come with a XXX certificate.

The truly odd thing is that the four naked women should bother if the man is clothed or not. If the telly has taught us anything it is that femaile nudity is empowering, shedding your clothes sticks it to the man.

Women will very soon be naked all the time, while men dodge the weirdness and watch animal porn on home computers, collect bottle tops and iron their socks.

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