Anorak News | Jade Goody’s Celebrity Cancer: The OK! Christening, Gail Trimble And Martin Samuel On Living

Jade Goody’s Celebrity Cancer: The OK! Christening, Gail Trimble And Martin Samuel On Living

by | 6th, March 2009

JADE Goody’s Celebrity Cancer: The OK! Christening, The OK! rules and bravery.

Daily Mirror: “Jade Goody will be christened with sons in hospital tomorrow”

Jade Goody will be christened tomorrow with her two sons at a hospital chapel.

Her publicist Max Clifford confirmed the ceremony would take place at the Royal Marsden Hospital, where Jade is currently heavily sedated after a bowel operation three days ago.

Max Clifford? But isn’t Jade now married. Can’t her husband explain? Or are private lives and professional lives split?

He said, “subject to everything being ok” it would happen just before midday and would involve 20-30 close friends and family.

“In terms of parties, that will have to wait,” he added. “It’s what Jade wanted to do.”

Daily Mirror – Paul Routledge: “Why University Challenge star Gail Trimble has a lot to learn from Jade Goody”

Try imagining you’re Jade Goody, still talking to the media on the brink of death. That’ll restore your sense of reality.

Or what passes for it.

Bild: “JADE GOODY Publicist says “enough is enough”

Did he?

Jade Goody’s publicist Max Clifford thinks the star should avoid the limelight and spend her last remaining weeks with her family. “My attitude to Jade in recent times is: Don’t you think enough is enough? Don’t you think you’ve got the message out there?” Clifford also told talkSPORT about his misgivings over the star’s decision to die on camera: “The money that you wanted for the boys we’ve done, we’ve made, it’s in place, the money is assured.”

How much money. And is it enough? What about the commemorative caskets? The themed mourners weeds? The minute’s silence?

Daily Mail: “Jade Goody and sons to be baptised together in hospital chapel tomorrow”

A church near Jade’s Essex home – the same church where her wedding took place – had been booked for the christening.

Both ceremonies were part of an exclusive magazine deal worth almost £1million brokered to provide Jade with the funds to secure her sons futures.

The dream wedding, that wasn’t her dream.

Today OK! magazine warned media outlets against reproducing any photographs from the christening issue or even the cover.

Daily Mail – Martin Samuel: “Dying does not make you a saint. But living can…”

Cancer sufferers are always brave, even frightened ones.

The tabloids tell us so.

A 27-year-old mother-of-two from reality television dying of cancer in public, while her new husband contemplates his latest assault conviction and her publicist provides sound-bite updates of the latest setback, is one definition.

How strange to destroy the principles of working-class Britain, and replace them with morbid sideshows, tragic little turns imbued with false significance.

Bravery is about choice, and cancer forbids that. Jade Goody will leave a legacy of awareness, for as long as her story dominates news bulletins, but there was no design.

But it’s her legacy.

She did not become ill to teach the world to have a smear test, any more than Princess Diana died to make sure we belt up in the back.

We love you Jade – always did. Not Goody the Hoody. The other one.

Daily Mail – Jan Moir: “Zoe’s lost a husband to rehab – the young girls she inspired lost far more”

Ten years ago, Zoe Ball set off for her wedding to DJ Norman Cook in typical she-male style. With a cowboy hat on her head, a cigarette dangling from her lips and a bottle of Jack Daniel’s in her hand, she was the poster girl for the nascent ladette movement.

Ten years, however, is a long time in ladette land. And this week, the toll that a decade of decadence has taken on her marriage became clear. Zoe’s husband Norman – also known as Fatboy Slim – has checked himself into rehab in a bid to cure his addiction to booze.


Perhaps the reason so many young girls look hungrily towards the attitudes previously shown by celebrities such as Ball – or the hopeless caste of newer models, such as doomed Jade Goody – is because there is no influence in the home any more.

There is no one there to point out the difference between right and wrong, or stress the importance of responsibility and duty. In this country, for example, we are now into the third or fourth generation of lone teenage mothers.

Jade Goody – What’s your vested interested?

The Guardian: “The column I wasn’t supposed to write – Episode 17: In which I reflect on this week’s tragic events in Verbier and examine whether the media are wrong to dwell on the role of Twitter”

Paul Carr:

It’s this same need for a personal connection that has made Jade Goody the country’s most famous cancer patient –we all feel like we know her so her plight feels real to us…

No. It’s all about entertainment. We come to watch…

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