Anorak News | Bomb Fires Scores Of Ballbearings Up Man’s Anus

Bomb Fires Scores Of Ballbearings Up Man’s Anus

by | 7th, March 2009

WEN Hsueh says he was sitting drinking tea at the Longtang tea shoppe in south east China. A man tosses a bomb. It explodes underneath Hsueh sending tens of ball bearings shooting up his rectum.

The chair, also made in China, is once more harmed – Boy Killed By Anal Penetrating Chair.

Anorak recalls the case of the Mireal Gradinaru, who arrived at the clinic in Arad, western Romania, with a can of hairspray stuffed up her rectum.

Rumours are that she fell on it. This can happen. Remember this vicar? And how a fence can work its way up there?

Says Hsueh:

“I was drinking tea, and suddenly someone threw something into the room underneath my chair. Before I realised what was happening there was a massive explosion and I passed out.”

Says Dr Sying Wang at Wanning People’s Hospital:

“We removed nearly half a kilogram of steel balls from his bottom, but a second surgery is needed as there were too many inside to take out at once.”

Well, you get your kicks where you can. The other man remains at large…

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