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Jade Goody’s Celebrity Cancer Christening

by | 8th, March 2009

JADE Goody celebrity cancer: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Jade Goody’s celebrity cancer with the Christening, featuring God and his agent on earth Max Clifford…

Daily Mirror: “Kiss & Farewell”

EXCLUSIVE One last day of happiness for Jade and her boys at emotional hospital Christening.

Exclusive to all papers.

Tragic Jade Goody amazed family and friends yesterday by laughing and joking her way through an emotional Christening for her boys… before saying a heartbreaking last goodbye.

Last goodbye to whom? Not to us. Max, say it ain’t so…

Jade, 27, refused to shed a tear during the 20-minute ceremony before 30 friends and family despite knowing it was a final farewell for many of them before she dies.

The ex-lover and father to Freddy and Bobby:

Jeff Brazier, 29, took her hand and vowed he will take care of them when she’s gone. During a heart-to-heart at her hospital bedside as their boys played on the floor beside them, he told her: “I promise I’ll look after the kids no matter what.”

A private matter.

She hugged them and held hands with husband Jack Tweed, 21. A friend said: “When Jade got there and saw the boys on the front pew her eyes were sparkling – but there were no tears because she was determined not to cry. The boys’ faces lit up and they were beaming when she walked in – they hadn’t seen her for over a week. She couldn’t stop kissing them.

“She made a sterling effort – the last thing she wanted to do was upset them. She wanted it to be a happy occasion and was even joking and giggling with them because they didn’t want to get wet from the baptism.” The friend added: “Jade had a little make-up on for the occasion but not much. She clearly made a big effort. She had a smile and a kiss for everyone – but it was clearly her last goodbye to many of them.”

Friends included former fitness instructor Kevin Adams and her bridesmaids Kate Jackson, Jennifer Smith, Kelly Reading, Charlene Hull and Caroline Roberts.

Hair was by Simon Cowell’s interior designer and shoes by Shoes Of Cheam…

Jade’s grandad John, 70, who had walked Jade down the aisle just two weeks ago when she married her sweetheart Jack, said: “It was a lovely ceremony, it really was. Jade spoke to everyone there.

He added sadly: “This did feel like the end. I don’t know when I’ll see her again, if ever. And I don’t even want to think about what the boys do or don’t know. They are growing up fast, and obviously know their mum isn’t well… but how Jade is going to tell them I don’t know.”

She could show them a newspaper…

Jade’s spokesman Max Clifford added: “It was a very emotional service. Obviously it was very short, taking into account just how ill she is.

“But it was very lovely – and everyone was very happy to be there because it was so clear it was what Jade wanted.

“The boys weren’t happy with having water splashed on their faces – but they soon got used to it and pretty soon were laughing. After it had been done, everybody clapped.

“This is Jade’s way of keeping in touch with the boys. Her words were, ‘They have got Jesus around them now’.

“She is very very pale and it is clear to everyone just how ill and fragile she is. At the end of the service she spoke to everybody and thanked them and was kissing them and saying goodbye – you can read into that whatever you want to read into it. It went through my mind that she was saying her final goodbyes. Maybe for some of them that will be the last time that they will see her. But she had a smile and a kiss for everyone there.”

The Independent: “U-turn on cervical cancer tests for young women”

Ministers rethink decision to cut routine screening for under-25s

The Government responds to the Sun’s campaign. What news in that?

Cancer tests that could save the lives of scores of young women are set to return, five years after they were cut amid controversy, health chiefs confirmed yesterday. Ministers are considering the return of cervical cancer screening for women under 25, after having restricted the tests to older women…

Now ministers have agreed to rethink the decision after campaigners highlighted a series of tragedies since the move.

Or one. Jade and Gordon Brown. He should have married her when he had the chance.

The Times: “Toyota iQ”

But other drivers don’t do this. What’s more, they fiddle with the radio, changing stations whenever they are presented with a song they don’t like. Why? Tunes are never more than three minutes long and I can just about handle CeCe Peniston for that long. Leave it. LEAVE IT. But no. Chchch, goes the tuner . . . “In parliament today” . . . chchch . . . “nothing but a dreamer” . . . chchchshshsh . . . “on the day that you were born” . . . chchch . . . “Jade Goody” . . . and then, “Aaaaaaaaarghgurgle,” as I jam a ballpoint into his epiglottis.

The Times: “Dr Know – Too busy to see your GP? Then ask me”

Q What can I do to reduce my risk of cervical cancer? I am 27, the same age as Jade Goody, and smoke occasionally.

– TE from Liverpool

A The vast majority of cervical cancers are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV), which infects half of all sexually active women. You could have been exposed to this. If you are infected, there is no specific treatment and HPV itself has no symptoms. This is why regular cervical screening is essential for picking up the early pre-cancerous cervical cell changes that can then be treated to prevent cancer.

Condoms will reduce your risk of HPV exposure during sex. Stopping smoking also helps because chemicals in cigarette smoke damage cervical cells that help to prevent cancer’s development. There is also a new vaccine that protects against 70% of the types of HPV known to cause cancer and this is now offered to 12- and 13-year-old girls. Girls under the age of 18 are receiving it as part of a catch-up campaign. The key for you is regular cervical screening.

Newsweek: “Death Be Not Allowed – No one likes to think about dying, but novelists seem scared to—well, death—to write about it.”

Some people love to think about dying – the suicidal, Islamists, priests, and more…

Characters in fiction don’t spend much time dying anymore. Of course they die—if you were to remove from the shelves all the novels in which a life is lost, the stacks would be bare—and sometimes, as in “The Lovely Bones,” they speak to us from beyond the grave.

But the characters of today don’t spend much time on the brutal labor of dying.

Depends what you read. Anorak has read the Red Riding Trilogy and there is loadsa brutal dying in that. Loads.

We have time for death as a learning experience, at once real (it is more moving to us to know that the personage under discussion once lived and breathed) and morally instructive (perhaps, from their wisdom, we will learn how to live and how to die). Jade Goody, a reality-TV star from the British “Big Brother” who was once reviled for her racism and bad behavior, has of late been lionized as she faces death from cervical cancer: she married in front of the cameras this past month, providing us an image of courage in adversity, of fairy-tale romance to the end. This vision of dying as noble, even beautiful, consoles us, assures us that somehow we can remove its sting.

Fact and fiction. Can you spot the difference?

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