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Lily Allen’s Finnish Fur Peta Hat

by | 8th, March 2009

LILY Allen, the non-celebrity celebrity singer is pictured with her celebrity dad at Cravan Cottage, where Fulham are being taken apart, stuffed and mounted by Manchester United.

The Daily Mail says:

The 23-year-old, who says she’s been seriously hit by the credit crunch, seems determined to get as many wears out of the ‘viciously expensive’ Finnish fox fur accessory as possible.

The hat, which makes Lily look as if she’s emerging from bwtween a polar bear’s legs, is said to be made by Prada.  We’ve seen it before – here and here. Real fur, goes the narrative. As Lily tells us:

The singer has revealed she will only wear fake fur and warned off any potential attacks by protestors. “My coat isn’t real fur, but it was bloody expensive. Cover me in paint and I WILL send you the bill”

Bosses at animal rights group PETA have applauded LILY ALLEN for turning her back on fur – and making it clear she’ll never wear real animal skin.

Peta, the human spokespeople for dumb animals:

Now a spokesman for PETA – Michael McGraw – says: “We were surprised to see Lily Allen wearing what appeared to be a fur coat because we know her to be a big animal lover. So we were thrilled when she confirmed on Twitter that it was indeed faux.

But not as thrilled as those Finnish foxes sat upon Lily’s noggin.

They did not die in vain…

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