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Bottled English Channel Water Sold As Health Remedy

by | 8th, March 2009

TO you, mon brave, £10 for a vial of Afrin PureSea Hydrating Nasal Rinse – “the only nasal rinse product made of 100 per cent purified seawater”.

Harvested from the waters between Ye Olde England and La Belle France, AFHNR – an onomatopoeic acronym rooted in the sounds made by the waters cascading from your face – will clear your tubes.

Bathers in Bournemouth will know the sensation well as unrefined AFHNR washes over you and in you like a foamy wave time after time after time. Or else lie back and squeeze your wet costume over your face, taking care to inhale.

Afrin PureSea Medium Stream provides a continuous stream of 100% purified sea water, whereas Afrin PureSea Gentle Mist and Ultra-Gentle Mist provide a lighter flow of sea water in the form of a mist.

For really blocked passages the Heavy Gale setting invokes an August Bank Holiday on beach in Torquay, and Light Drizzle any weekend in June.

But what else is AFHNR, marketed to Americans as the seaside experience in a mist? This Q and A from the company’s website:

Q: What is nasal irrigation?
A: Nasal irrigation — or nasal rinsing — is the holistic process of flushing the nasal cavity with a liquid solution. The solution, often salt water, is used to wash the nasal passages and cleanse them of impurities. Afrin PureSea is the only nasal rinse to use a specially formulated, ready-to-use, sterile solution of 100% purified sea water for maximum comfort. Afrin PureSea is clinically proven to gently and effectively cleanse nasal and sinus passages so you can breathe freely.

Interesting. Pure seawater. What else?

Q: What if the fluid doesn’t come out my other nostril when I rinse with Afrin® PureSea™?

You’ve swallowed it?

AFHNR might, of course, be the answer to someone’s prayers.

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