Anorak News | Revealed! The brainiest professional footballer in the world

Revealed! The brainiest professional footballer in the world

by | 9th, March 2009

WHICH English football star has an estimated IQ of more than 150? Click below to find out…

If you thought the answer was “Don’t be ridiculous Anorak, obviously no English footballer has an IQ in triple digits”, then you’re surprisingly wrong.

Frank Lampard (yes, that Frank Lampard) scored off the charts when Chelsea’s players had their IQs tested by club doctor Bryan English.

“Lampard scored one of the highest sets of marks ever recorded by the company doing the tests, and higher than me,” English revealed. And he’s better at football than you, Bryan. A painful double whammy to take.

Frank’s Chelsea team-mates now call him “The Professor”. We see what they did there, although “Brains” would have been better, and comprised of fewer syllables.

The veracity of this shocking news is brought into question by the fact that John Terry was also in the top three smartest Chelsea players. Surely some mistake, doctor?

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