Anorak News | Jade Goody Cancer, With Cheryl Cole, Michael Jackson, Omar Bakri And Slumdog

Jade Goody Cancer, With Cheryl Cole, Michael Jackson, Omar Bakri And Slumdog

by | 10th, March 2009

JADE Goody celebrity cancer: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Jade Goody’s celebrity cancer with Cheryl Cole, Michael Jackson, Omar Bakri and Slumdog…


It is the “Star’s new agony”. It’s front-page news. Why Max Clifford calls David Blunkett and the Sun is printed in Braille (Page 3, too, readers!), we ask, can it get worse for Jade?

The Scotsman: “Michael Jackson sends love to dying Jade Goody

MICHAEL Jackson sent his “love” to Jade Goody, above, and asked if he could visit her in hospital, her publicist said yesterday.

Michael Jackson To Play Ten Dates In O2 Oxygen Tent!

The terminally-ill reality star was “exhausted” and under 24-hour protection after being confronted by a woman with a hammer, Max Clifford said. He added that Goody had been cheered by messages of goodwill from Jackson.

Anyone else?

The Sun: “Christian off to hell say Bakri hate mob”

It’s missing mad mullah Omar Bakri calling Jade Fish And Chips.

JADE Goody will go to hell because she is a Christian, Muslim fanatics insisted last night.

The warped internet claim by followers of hate preacher Omar Bakri followed dying Jade’s decision to be baptised.

One day Bakri might get sick. He should call Max Clifford.

Sky News: “The Who singer praises courageous Jade”

The Who singer Roger Daltry, who is organising a series of gigs for the Teenage Cancer Trust, has praised Jade Goody’s courage.

“There but for the grace of God go all of us… I think she’s been incredibly courageous. She’s made the maximum use of every minute of her life since she’s had that disease, and good luck to her.”

Glasgow Daily Record – John McKie:

JADE GOODY’S husband, Jack Tweed, has been arrested for assault, been in and out of jail and, sadly, may well soon be a widower, leaving him on his own for years to come.

You thinking what I’m thinking? Amy Winehouse. They’re perfect for each other.

Sue Carroll might disagree. Read on…

This Is Local London (Bexley): “BEXLEY: Jade Goody’s wedding day – how she went from ‘ecstatic joy to tumbling tears’”

JONATHAN Blake, the archbishop who conducted Jade Goody’s wedding ceremony, has spoken to News Shopper about the extraordinary event.

Mr Blake, 52, of Danson Crescent, Welling, has been unable to talk about the wedding until now because of Jade’s magazine deal to raise cash for her two sons.

A time for quiet reflection:

He said Jade had been determined to fill her last days “with as much light and she could bring. She is a tremendous example to all of us.”


Mr Blake added: “During the service, Jade went from ecstatic joy, to tumbling tears.”

Mr Blake is reading from The Book Of OK!?

“The house was in a whirlwind of preparations and was bustling with people Many people, when they are dying, start slowly shutting down their lives but Jade’s house was teeming with life.”

In next week’s sermon, Rev Blake shows us around his sock collection.

Daily Mirror – Sue Carroll: “Behind every strong woman..a weak man”

It beggars belief. Just days after a second conviction for assault, Jade Goody’s new husband Jack Tweed almost got into yet another fight at the weekend.


Luckily on this occasion friends intervened and separated him from a man he clashed with at a Tube station. True, we have no idea what brought about the altercation which led to the two men shouting obscenities at one another.

What we do know is that it took place just hours after Jack stood by his dying wife’s bed as she and her sons were christened. We must assume the Good Lord’s message of peace and love was lost on the erratic Tweed who is awaiting sentence for an assault on a cab driver.

Such are the facts, yer honour…

Given recent form, it’s hard to see how this particular leopard will change its spots. Though it can happen. Experiencing loss, growing up, taking on responsibilities and challenging internal demons can force us all into examining our motives. Whether we learn from them is a different matter.

It’s a question Cheryl Cole must be wrestling with today.


Jade and Cheryl deserve better than the emotionally-incontinent Jack and Ashley [Cole] who, in a perfect world, will one day cross paths.

Let’s hope it’s a sleazy bar, called something like Zits, where they can swap some “intellectual” observations between themselves – about the pneumatic blonde in the corner.

That you, Sue?

The Sun: “Jade is the Slumdog saviour”

Poppadom Millionaire?

ANGELIC Bobby Mishra once spent his days begging for scraps at an Indian railway station and his nights shivering beside the tracks. Just like the poor children in hit movie Slumdog Millionaire, the five-year-old was dodging pimps, drug dealers and thieves.

He seemed destined for a life of desperate hunger and destitution until a mystery benefactor came forward to pay for his food, clothes and medicine at a children’s shelter.

Today, The Sun reveals that his saviour was Jade Goody and that her donation has helped 126 kids escape the begging gangs.

And miss out on a part in a hit film.

Last night Bobby — whose father is dead and whose mother suffers from alcohol problems — said through a translator: “Thank you so much for our lovely food and clothes, Jade.

“You have helped us so much and made us very happy. We will all pray for you every day”.

As do the papers…

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