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Luton Islamists Campaign For Anglican Beards

by | 11th, March 2009

HAT off to the Islamists massed in Luton to protest against Britain’s “terrorist” Government for screaming against the “Anglican Soldiers Butchers of Basra” – “Anglican Soldiers Criminals, Murderers Terrorists”, Anglican soldiers are “Baby killers”.

For too long chinstrap beards have been the preserve of “strange men in the park”, the woman talking to pigeons in the precinct and cub-scout leaders, and is often attached by near-invisible thread to glasses, oversized noses and wingnut ears.

Now they are on the streets in plain view.

Surely the look will catch on and Islamists the world over, and they who wish to lampoon them, will pull on this uniform. It may even help to prevent another Guantanamo, where hundreds of innocent bearded men indistinguishable from the jihadis were rounded up and shipped out.

On the one side the Allied forces with their plastic party bowlers, each decorated with the flag of their country, up against the enemy, with their elastic chin-strap beards, possible with flecks of spittle or, if British, Wotsits…

Video Spotter: Andrew Bolt

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