Anorak News | Meat is murder on the muscles?

Meat is murder on the muscles?

by | 11th, March 2009

SAD news for carnivores everywhere. Arsenal forward Robin van Persie has decided to cut down on his meat intake.

Why? “Someone told me too much meat has a negative influence on muscles,” RvP revealed.

Ah, well we hope that someone was an expert in nutrition, and not just some nutty vegetarian fan shouting at him from the stands. Otherwise the Dutcham might be eating up the wrong tree.

We suspect he might be, as does The Sun’s resident doctor, Carol Cooper: “Meat have a negative influence on the muscles? What a load of rubbish!” she scoffed, in between bites of her steak sandwich.

“Elite sportsmen need meat. They need protein for muscle strength,” Carol continued, in between sips of her delicious meatshake.

Van Persie also revealed he has convinced team-mate Kolo Touré to strike meat off the menu:

“I spoke about it with Kolo as he also had meat every day. He stopped immediately and since then he hasn’t had any muscle problems.”

Coincidence? Surely not.

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