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Rihanna Marries Chris Brown

by | 11th, March 2009

RIHANNA (red corner) and Chris Brown (round the corner, running) are married.

Says the National Enquirer:

“Rihanna & Chris: SECRET WEDDING – The troubled couple did more than just reconcile in Miami – they actually exchanged wedding vows.”

The NE says the “emotion-packed ceremony” is said to have occurred at P Diddy’s home on Star Island.

While Anorak wonders if the island was named after the go-it-alone Diddy Man, an insider tells us:

“Chris fell on his knees, clinging to her legs, crying his eyes out and begging for forgiveness.”

Class R&B stuff, of course. She then struts away, turns, wags a finger and before a battalion of ripe-arsed booty shakers says “No way” and how she’s “a ho who ain’t gonna tayke dat shey-at”.


“When Chris finally stood up, tears were also running down Rihanna’s cheeks,” aiding the heeling process, allegedly.

“He wiped them away [with his fist?] and gently kissed her face, which still looked a little bruised up.”

The source then says that Rihanna accepted his apology and his proposal in a “commitment ceremony”, which is like a marriage, only without the commitment.

Such is their love…

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