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Legs In The Air: Sports Illustrated Has Plane Naked Bar Refaeli

by | 12th, March 2009

BAR Refaeli, the Israeli model, is plane naked on the side of a SouthWest Airlines plane for Sports Illustrated.

Refaeil is the Memphis Belle made flesh and bikini straps. Readers will recall Kyla Ebbert who in July 2007,  was pulled aside by the SouthWest moral police as she was preparing to board a plane departing San Diego for Tucson and told her she was dressed too provocatively to fly.

Ebbert was dressed in white, tight-fitting shirt, a green cropped sweater, and a white denim skirt cut high on her thighs.

Ebbert changed and was allowed to board. She then changed again and posed for Playboy magazine under the flag: “Legs in the Air.”

Says one passenger:

I would not want to have to watch this plane pull up to the gate traveling with my young child, or mother, grandmother, etc.,” customer Jim Dawson said.

“I fly Southwest several times a year with my four children and would stop cold turkey if we were ever made to board that plane. It objectifies women and confused (sic) children,” she continued. “You have lost your ‘family friendly’ status with this and I, for one, am deeply disappointed with a company that I’ve long admired.”

It’s not all that bad. The temptation to have Refaeli straddle the doros to manual has been resisted and in any case it’s not porn, it’s sport, or tennis, or gymnastics or whatever sport it is that Refaeli plays…

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