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Michael Jackson Talks To Peaches

by | 12th, March 2009

IT’S “JACKOMANIA” as thousands queue for tickets to see Michael Jackson perform on his 02 Oxygen Tent.

Jackson will perform in the O2 tent for 30 dates.

And watching will be Peaches Geldof who says she was “stroked” by Jackson when she was eight.

Were this the Swinging Sixties, Geldof would never wash again. Now it means Peaches suffering trauma and using all manner of unguents to clean her skin.

Says Peaches:

“I was at Disneyland and he invited a lot of kids to come meet him. I went and I sat on his lap and then he proceeded to stroke me and whispered in my ear a little bit.”

What Jackson said Peaches is saving for another anecdote, or a therapist…

Meanwhile, the Sun’s Page 3 stunna Ruth says Jackson’s tickets have seen bought by tickets touts are selling for thousands of pounds on the black market.

For more information call A. Darling’s Treasury Ticket Brokers…

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