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Drug Dealer Joaquin Guzman Loera On Forbes Rich List

by | 12th, March 2009

AT Number 71 in the Forbes Rich List is Joaquin Guzman Loera:

Loera is “Mexico’s most wanted man”. His nickname is “El Chapo” (Shorty). He heads the Sinaloa cartel, and once escaped from federal prison in 2001, reportedly through the laundry, wrapped up in a pair of ankle socks.

Where he is now, we can’t say, but given his size, he could be hiding where no-one will find him, such as in the Trophy Room at Manchester City, on stage with Phil Collins or fronting a prime-time chat show on BBC3.

His Forbes Profile:

Net Worth:$1.0 bil
Fortune:self made
Source:Drug Trafficking
Country Of Citizenship:Mexico
Residence:Sinaloa State
Industry:Shipping [?]
Marital Status:NA,

Updated (by Old Mr Anorak’s Cancun office):

Language: Threatening
Likes: Walking in the rain
Dislikes: Celery

Loera is worth a pretty penny, and features close to the foot of Anorak’s new Poor List.

Anorak hereunder lists the 59.99million poorest people in the UK in order or poverty.

At Number One is Lucy Pagate-Smyth, the women who placed her shares in Madoff Inc. with the Royal Bank of Scotland’s property arm.

Says Old Mr Anorak the Younger’s Dean Of Lists:

“I was hard putting the list together of the poorest people in the UK. With so many now destitute, it’s no good knocking on doors when the owner has long since been forced out.”

The poorest person was James Tims, of no fixed abode, but as soon as he found a penny and on picking it up rose to number 354,987 on the list.

More poverty to follow…

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